Automatic Hotel Revenue Management

Atomize offers hoteliers the opportunity to increase their RevPAR by automatically setting the optimal price at any given moment, for every room and booking type.

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Solving the Pricing Problem

For a typical hotel that offers five room types with four available options (with or without cancellation & breakfast) with the intentions to update its prices once an hour, one has to perform more than 64 million price updates a year - no more words need to be said. Atomize is the remedy as it offers hoteliers the opportunity to increase their RevPAR by automatically setting the right price at any given moment, for every room and booking type.

Increase RevPAR

Atomize clients report a typical increase of 16-18% in RevPAR growth. 

Save Time

Let Atomize help you set the correct room prices, at any given moment, allowing you to put your valuable resources elsewhere.

Beat Competition

Real-time data from competitors, web-searches and the PMS are continuously processed to give you the edge over your competition.

"Atomize has proven themselves to be able to output price recommendations that we highly trust. We are very impressed with what Atomize offers in terms of technical competence, agility, responsiveness and overall delivery and we are looking forward to work with them for the long term.”
Johan Forsberg
Director of Revenue Management, Gothia Towers

Fast Implementation

Easy to implement

Implement Atomize hassle-free directly into your existing PMS.

100% cloud operated

Operating your own system is not where the race is won. Atomize is 100% cloud based and GDPR compliant.

Pleasure to use

Modern design with a single mission: to make your life as a hotelier easier. Atomize works seamlessly on any device of your choice.

No Startup/Integration costs

If integration costs more than software, it is a bug, not a feature. With Atomize you pay as you go, no hidden fees.

Preferred Partners

Clock PMS

Clock Software offers a complete and integrated suite of cloud-based hotel management software, distribution systems and guest engagement apps, with Clock PMS Suite at the forefront. Atomize have a seamless integration with Clock, allowing us to maximize our partnership.


Mews Systems focus heavily on building a modern, intuitive user interface with user experience at the core. With time-saving features, including online check-in and real-time housekeeping, providing hotels with the tools to save more, sell more and provide their guests with a modern experience.



Apaleo’s intuitive and scalable cloud-based PMS gives hotels the flexibility they need. Their 2-way API and app store give hotels on-demand access to innovative, pre-integrated 3rd party applications at the click of a button. Finally, hotels can embrace the digital age.


Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Services is an enterprise platform for hotel operations and distribution. It offers the comprehensive, next-generation capabilities hotels need to enhance guest experiences and improve operating efficiency.

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