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Lean Revenue Management Software for Hotels

Maximize your hotel revenue and save time with real-time price automation

Atomize is a lean revenue management software designed for hoteliers who want to do more with less. Based on the latest innovation in price automation, Atomize transforms market data into revenue by delivering optimal prices in real time, 365 days into the future. 

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Lean Revenue Management Software – great impact with fewer resources 

The Atomize product offering supports the current reality of hotels having to do more with less. The pandemic has taught smart hoteliers that automated demand modeling and price optimization will lower their costs and improve margins.
Charlotte Thulin, Revenue Manager at Yasuragi

Atomize Revenue Management Software has significantly improved our ADR and room revenue. Atomize has managed to instantly pick up on changing market demand which has led to growing ADR and a RevPAR up to 2,5 times better compared to the market.


Revenue Director,
Hotel YasUragi

Let our Revenue Management Software do the heavy lifting for you

Atomize Revenue Management Software includes what your team needs to optimize revenue, drive profitability, save valuable time and outperform your competitors. 
Autopilot feature, Atomize


Group Pricing with Atomize RMS

Group Pricing

Atomize- a Mobile friendly RMS

Mobile Friendly

Dynamic Pricing with Atomize RMS

Dynamic Price Recommendations

Competitor monitoring with Atomize RMS

Competitor Rate Intelligence

Reporting Hotel KPI:s with Atomize

BI & Reporting

Real-time pricing with Atomize RMS

Real-time Pricing

Atomize is a cloud-based RMS

Cloud Based

Multi Property Support

Multi Property Support

Future demand data

Future Demand Data

Revenue optimized for our clients, every month.
Acceptance rate of our price recommendations.
Atomize is deployed in over 50 countries, across five continents.
Atomize 2.0 UI on mobile phone

Manage your properties on the go.

Manage and monitor pricing on multiple properties from one single platform. Easy-to-use on any device.

Simplicity is one of the main advantages of Atomize. You do not have to be a revenue management expert to use and understand our solution.

Atomize is fully responsive and with you whenever and wherever you need it, easy-to-use on any device and especially on your mobile phone.

Market demand intelligence data in Atomize

With our revolutionary top-of-funnel data, revenue managers have access to market demand data that captures hotel booking intent in real time to uncover new revenue opportunities.

  1. 1

    Capture demand earlier in the traveler journey

    The industry-first partnership allows Atomize users to better understand traveler intent, helping them to capture recovering demand with the right rates and offers based on forward-looking data.
  2. 2

    Identify high demand days and market anomalies.

    The demand data will be processed together with Atomize’s other data sources, including both historical and future on the books data, to identify dates with high future revenue opportunities.
  3. 3

    Monitoring of hotel booking demand in any geographical market in your RMS, 365 days into the future

Hotel Success Stories

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to our clients telling their story and discover how Atomize has delivered tangible results for hotels worldwide.

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Atomize Special Features

What sets us apart from the rest. An overview of Atomize Revenue Management System’s features and functionalities.

Group Pricing

Group displacement analysis done in minutes! Our module offers a more efficient way to quote your group booking requests.

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Real-time Pricing

Receive new price recommendations as soon as something happens within your property. Adapt to dynamic, fast-paced markets.

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BI & Reporting

Keep track of your KPIs with endless reporting capabilities by using the latest BI technologies.

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Sit back and relax. Switch on Autopilot and let the system automatically update your rates per room type.

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Multi Property Support

Multi-Property Dashboard

The Multi-Property Dashboard will help you monitor the performance of your entire hotel portfolio by providing you with aggregated KPIs. Built for Cluster- and Corporate Leaders.

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future demand insight

Future Demand Insights

Atomize users have access to forward-looking demand data in their Atomize dashboard, essential for accurate topline predictions and relevant promotions. 

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