“A revenue management system that saves us hours of work, every day.”

Grand Hotel Ter Duin

The power of a strong Revenue Management System

How Grand Hotel ter Duin boosted occupancy and RevPAR

Finding the right hotel technology like the most suitable Revenue Management System for your property can make the difference between achieving your business goals or not.

Think of a revenue management system. By accessing the most recent market data and offering data-driven pricing suggestions, a revenue management system allows you to maximize your revenue all year-round.

That all sounds great, doesn’t it? But are you wondering how well this works in practice?

Then read on to find out what Jelle Landman, General Manager at Grand Hotel ter Duin in the Netherlands, recently shared. Jelle shares his experience of using Atomize Revenue Management System.

A quick intro to Grand Hotel ter Duin

Set in beautiful Zeeland on the Netherlands’ west coast, the Grand Hotel ter Duin offers 133 modern, light-flooded rooms. Guests can enjoy the wellness facilities, including a sauna, steam bath and swimming pool or head out and explore the beautiful surroundings. Grand Hotel ter Duin is part of the hotel chain Hotels by Sheetz which consists of 4 hotel properties in The Netherlands, all of them using Atomize Revenue Management System.

Grand Hotel ter Duin, Atomize customer
Hotel Grand Hotel ter Duin in the Netherlands

A 360-degree overview

Like most hoteliers, Jelle always wants to be up to date on what’s going on in all departments of his property.

“For me it’s really important to know that I have the helicopter overview. To make sure that sales, marketing, revenue, HR and all other administrative areas, as well as operations, are working properly,” he says.

Having this overview helps him to look ahead and plan for the future. It also makes it easier to react to new developments quickly and make well-informed decisions in any operational or administrative department.

Going from Excel sheets to a modern approach using an automatic revenue management system

Following a traditional approach to revenue management which included a lot of cumbersome Excel spreadsheets, used to cost Jelle a lot of time every day.

“Now with Atomize, I save an hour a day, which is a lot for me. It is an hour I can spend working on other projects, being on the floor or connecting with my team,” he explains.

Apart from saving him a lot of time, using a Revenue Management System also gives Jelle a competitive edge. Now, he has access to live market information at the click of a button. He can also let the system suggest rate changes and he no longer has to comb through outdated reports.

Improving forecast accuracy with a revenue management system

Having an accurate forecast is important to both predict your hotel’s performance and for operational departments to plan ahead. With a powerful cloud-based Revenue Management System you can save yourself a lot of time on updating the forecast every month. You will also get more accurate results as the algorithm takes the most current information into account when updating your hotel’s forecast for the next twelve months.

For Jelle, being able to rely on Atomize to handle this, has been one of the tool’s main advantages:

“If you are doing all the updates yourself and you use Excel for example, you focus more on the next three months than on the full year. For me, Atomize is a tool that helps me better look into the future.”

Solid integrations with other tools

The best tech tool won’t make your life easier if it doesn’t integrate with the software you already have. To get the most out of a Revenue Management System, it should be able to integrate with your property management system. That way the RMS can access your hotel’s reservations data to generate optimized rate suggestions. Then you can accept or reject the RMS’ suggestions with a single click or even set it to full autopilot mode and let it handle all the pricing updates for you.

Strong integrations between his tech solutions are also something Jelle appreciates:

“Mews and Oaky, the systems we were already working with. Atomize synchronized really well with each other. This saves us a lot of time and makes it easier to work with for our operational teams.”

Key factors for a successful hotel business

In the year since Atomize was implemented at the Grand Hotel ter Duin, the results have been impressive. Occupancy rates have doubled, and RevPAR has grown significantly. When asked about the secret behind this success story (apart from using the right tech solution),

Jelle explained:

“I think the key factor to reach this goal is bringing a lot of energy into it and bringing a lot of energy to your team and making sure that the team stays motivated.”

If this interview has made you curious about how you could benefit from an RMS, you can learn more about Atomize here.

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“Atomize RMS helps us automate our revenue management tactics and saves us hours of work, every day.” – Jelle Landman, General Manager, Grand Hotel ter Duin, Netherlands

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