Atomize RMS contributes to the continued success and growth of EMA House

Recently we had a follow-up interview with one of our customers in Zurich, Switzerland; Jonathan Anthamatten, General Manager at EMA House to find out how they have been performing during 2022 compared to 2021 and to the pre-pandemic year 2019.

Jonathan shares with us that his properties have increased their market share even further in the region and their KPIs have continued to grow stronger also during 2022. Using price automation with Atomize to maximize returning demand and capture more revenue opportunities has for sure been a big contributing factor.

Jonathan shares the insights behind the continued success of EMA House.

– How did you experience 2022 and how did EMA House perform in relation to the competitors?

“2022 was an outstanding year for EMA House, we noticed a tremendous increase in demand compared to the last two years. Traveling was almost as easy as pre-pandemic and Zurich in general experienced a great market recovery. According to accessible data, the whole market did perform well and that is also what other hoteliers tell at hospitality get-togethers,” says Jonathan Anthamatten.

– How has Atomize contributed to last year’s development?

“In general, the whole revenue management activities have become much easier and faster since we are using Atomize and I believe there is a big share of Atomize to our great performance. Atomize helped us to anticipate and increase in demand shortly and sell our rooms at optimal rates. The Autopilot is especially helpful in the long run as the booking window has somehow gone back to normal and travelers are planning/booking their trips far ahead,” says Jonathan.

– How have your KPIs (such as RevPAR and ADR) developed during 2022 compared to 2021 and compared to 2019?

“Our RevPAR and ADR have massively increased compared to 2021 and also compared to 2019. In numbers, we are talking about a 43% increase compared to 2021 and 6% compared to 2019. These figures are the best indicators to show the impact of Atomize on our business. The use of powerful data can definitely help you to boost profitability which is an important topic these days with the actual cost structure,” says Jonathan.

What do you appreciate about the Atomize solution?

“Atomize as an RMS solution, in general, is highly appreciated to improve our performance. The Autopilot helps us avoid selling our rooms too cheap and for the active adjustments, you get powerful data from your property and from the market and with the help of Atomize, decision-making based on analytics”, says Jonathan.

“We also truly appreciate the relationships with Atomize – you have a good vibe with an open ear for your client’s wishes. In our case, the human factor plays a big role and trust is a core value for our business partners. Atomize is also consistently developing new features which also shows their enthusiasm to make us hoteliers even more successful in the future,” says Jonathan.

Updating the EMA House Zurich’s tech stack during the pandemic proved to be a wise and profitable decision. It helped the property modernize its workflows, capture more demand and thrive even under difficult conditions. Price optimization from Atomize was one of many important implementations that was made at EMA House.

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GM Jonathan Anthamatten
Jonathan Anthamatten, General Manager at EMA House & Suites

About EMA House Zurich

Set in downtown Zurich, EMA House operates a hybrid business model. Its EMA House Hotel Suites boasts 23 elegant and modern suites only a short walk from the city center. Apart from that, the brand offers 70 serviced apartments in five convenient locations throughout the city. While the conveniently located suites are most popular with leisure travelers, the well-equipped and stylish apartments attract international business guests on extended stays in the Swiss business hub. 

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