Harmonizing Luxury and Innovation: Como Hotels Journey with Atomize and Opera

  • Company: COMO Hotels and Resorts.
  • Location: Ubud – Bali, Indonesia.
  • Size: 19 properties, located in Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, Americas and Australia/Oceania.
  • Type of property: Hotel group with a diverse portfolio that encompasses everything from luxurious hotels to resorts.
  • Website: https://www.comohotels.com

About COMO Hotels and Resorts

Blending Luxury with Location

Como Hotels and Resorts, with its portfolio of 19 luxury award-winning hotels worldwide, stands out for its consistent values and for the distinctive charm each property brings to its location. From private island retreats to urban sanctuaries and heritage estates, Como curates experiences under four boutique brands: COMO, COMO Metropolitan, COMO Uma, and COMO Shambhala Estate. 

Pande Ardana, the Cluster Revenue Manager for the brand’s three properties in Bali explains;

Each hotel is unique and offers a different experience to its guests. COMO Uma Canggu is a resort located on Canggu Beach which is popular for its surfing spots. COMO Uma Ubud is located in the heart of Ubud which is a perfect place for couples who love experiencing the Balinese culture. COMO Shambhala Estate is a wellness resort that blends with beautiful nature and is a perfect place for relaxation.” 

A Fusion of Nature and Culture: Como Uma Ubud

The hotel we are visiting for the interview is Como Uma Ubud, which epitomizes the Como experience, seamlessly integrating luxurious accommodations with the vibrant culture of Bali. Nestled in Ubud, Bali’s arts and culture hub, this intimate resort boasts sun-filled villas adorned with private, plant-rimmed pools, evoking a sense of being one with nature. Ardana highlights the resort’s authentic, easygoing soul, enriched by the vitality of its surroundings. Their 46 luxury suites are tucked along green-planted corridors and exude traditional Indonesian charm and their larger villas feature landscaped courtyards and infinity plunge pools.

Adapting to Change: Navigating the Pandemic

The hospitality industry faced unprecedented challenges during the global pandemic, compelling Como Hotels to navigate uncharted waters with resilience and innovation. Pande reflects on the strategic shifts implemented to sustain operations and cater to the evolving needs of guests in the midst of uncertainty.

“The pandemic impacted everyone. Fortunately, COMO Uma Canggu kept opening during the pandemic. COMO Shambhala Estate was closed for two years and COMO Uma Ubud was closed for about 7 months. We had to do all the things that we could do to reduce expenses. But at the same time, we also shifted our strategy and focused on targeting the domestic market which proved to be very helpful to our operation.”

“Before the pandemic, we used one of the more traditional RMSs. As we needed to streamline our expenses, we terminated our contract during the pandemic and managed our rates manually for the three hotels. With this approach, we reacted to the change in demand and were not able to yield the demand proactively”

Despite closures and reduced capacities, Como Uma Canggu remained open, leveraging its unique offerings to navigate the turbulent times. The adoption of more modern technologies like Atomize helped them streamline revenue management and empowered their teams to make data-driven decisions efficiently.

Simplifying Revenue Management with Atomize

Atomize’s seamless integration with Opera On-Premise proved vital in Como Hotels’ decision to embrace the RMS. With Atomize seamlessly compatible with Opera, the premier property management system (PMS) utilized by Como, transitioning to Atomize emerged as a natural and uncomplicated choice. This integration facilitated a seamless implementation process, empowering Como to harness Atomize’s cutting-edge revenue management capabilities without changing their existing tech infrastructure.

Moreover, Atomize’s recent integration with Opera’s cloud-based solution aligns seamlessly with Como’s strategic objective of fully transitioning to OHIP in the future. By opting for a solution harmoniously integrated with their preferred PMS, Como circumvents the need for additional adjustments to their tech stack down the line. This ensures operational continuity and stability while maximizing the advantages offered by the combination of Atomize and Opera. 

Atomize became a game-changer for Como Hotels, offering a simplified yet powerful solution for revenue management. During Q1 2024 RevPar and ADR has increased by 7% and Ardana also mentions that he saves approximately 15 hours per month by using Atomize. He praises Atomize for its user-friendly interface and proactive approach to yield management.

Atomize offered a competitive advantage that we needed considering the size of our hotels. Its simplicity and ease of management perfectly complement the scale of our operations,” Ardana explains. “Since its implementation, we’ve seen a significant increase in average daily rates (ADR), driving overall room revenue.”

Ardana highlights that they enjoy being able to choose their level of engagement with the system and particularly likes the comprehensive picture that the calendar view provides, where it is possible to drill down into the monthly and daily data. 

“We engage with the system daily, normally in the morning. I particularly love the calendar view which presents a comprehensive picture of demand and rate recommendations per month and day. Drilling down into each room type also gives me another insight into our pace and how we compare to our competitors.”

Looking Ahead

Working closely with Atomize and Opera, Como Hotels experienced a seamless integration process, paving the way for enhanced revenue optimization across properties. Ardana appreciates Atomize’s responsiveness and commitment to driving results, underscoring its role as a valuable partner in revenue management. 

As Como Hotels continues to evolve, maintaining its commitment to excellence remains increasingly important. With solid hospitality tech as Atomize in combination with Opera by their side, the team is equipped to navigate any upcoming challenges and seize opportunities.

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