Transforming Hotel de La Couronne: Leveraging Atomize for Enhanced Revenue and Operational Efficiency

  • Company: Hotel de La Couronne
  • Location: Morges, Switzerland
  • Size: 43 rooms
  • Type of property: 3-star boutique hotel
  • Website:

Introduction to La Couronne Morges

Hotel de La Couronne, located in the scenic town of Morges, Switzerland, blends historical charm with modern efficiency. Under the Blatter family’s ownership, the hotel has seen a significant transformation, particularly in operational efficiency and revenue enhancement, thanks to the integration of Atomize RMS. This initiative not only preserves the classical allure of its architecture but also propels it towards becoming a distinguished boutique destination.

Hotel de La Couronne stands in the picturesque town of Morges, Switzerland, nestled between the vibrant cities of Geneva and Lausanne. A historic building in the center of the pedestrian Grand-Rue, this 3-star hotel, owned by the Blatter family, combines the charm of its classical architecture with modern comforts and a commitment to excellent service. The hotel’s strategic location near Lake Geneva provides guests with stunning Alpine views and easy access to local attractions.

The Challenge

When the Blatter Family took over La Couronne in the beginning of 2023 they embarked on a journey to elevate the hotel from a standard three-star business hotel to a boutique destination. The transition involved extensive renovations, a rebranding initiative, and an overhaul of operational practices, especially regarding technological adoption.

Embracing Technology with Atomize RMS

One of the primary challenges was modernizing the hotel’s revenue management. Previously managed manually with time-intensive processes, the Blatter family sought a solution that could streamline operations and enhance pricing strategies without the need for constant oversight. This led to the adoption of Atomize Revenue Management System (RMS), a decision that has significantly transformed the hotel’s operational efficiency.

Implementation and Results

Atomize was introduced to La Couronne to automate and optimize room pricing and availability. The system’s ability to dynamically adjust prices based on real-time market data allowed the hotel to react swiftly to market changes, improving competitiveness and revenue.

The owners noted that the transition to Atomize was smooth, thanks to the support provided by the Atomize team. 

“Marco Kleiner from Atomize was fantastic. He held our hand through the whole process of implementing Atomize, and already six weeks after deploying Atomize, we saw a noticeable improvement in our revenue,”  says Eric Blatter the GM at La Couronne. 

The results were immediate and impactful. By leveraging Atomize’s capabilities, La Couronne could focus more on guest experiences and less on backend operations. The automated system not only freed up time for staff but also ensured optimal pricing, significantly boosting the hotel’s revenue and occupancy rates, especially during weekends when the hotel had previously struggled to fill the rooms.

Significant improvements in hard numbers

Hotel de La Couronne experienced significant improvements in key performance indicators in Q1 2024 after implementing Atomize RMS, compared to Q1 2023. There was an increase of 5% in Average Daily Rate (ADR), from 163 CHF to 170 CHF, an 11% rise in Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) from 75 CHF to 80 CHF, and a 12% growth in occupancy, from 45% to 50%. These improvements occurred despite Q1 traditionally being the slowest period, and there are indications that Q2 will show even stronger performance.

One of the selection criteria and success factors for implementing Atomize was its 2-way compatible integration with their PMS Mews, ensuring a robust and seamless operational synergy.

Atomize RMS and Mews PMS: A Powerful Combination

The integration of Atomize with the Mews Property Management System (PMS) at La Couronne has been transformative, automating key operations, synchronizing real-time data, and facilitating strategic decision-making. This synergy enables the hotel to dynamically adjust rates based on up-to-the-minute market data and booking patterns, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and reducing manual errors. As La Couronne looks to expand, this robust integration provides a scalable solution that supports growth and continuously enhances the guest experience.

Looking Ahead beyond 2024

The Blatter families’ vision for La Couronne includes further renovations and potentially expanding their operations to include more properties under a similar model. Atomize will continue to play a critical role in this expansion, providing the scalability and operational efficiency required to manage multiple properties effectively.


The partnership with Atomize has proven to be a pivotal decision for the management team and ownership. It has enabled the Blatter family to realize their vision of creating a unique boutique hotel experience, supported by cutting-edge technology that simplifies operations and enhances profitability. This success story is not just about the integration of technology but also about how it can transform the very essence of hospitality, allowing hoteliers to focus on what truly matters: their guests.

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