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Atomize’s mission is to provide high quality software so hotels can provide a high quality guest experience. Along the way we’ve created a strong team culture that exceeds workplace expectations. Our vision is to become the world leader in setting optimal prices for hotels.

A next-generation Revenue Management Software Company

Atomize’s vision is to become the world-leading Revenue Management Software Company in price automation for hotels. Our mission is to provide a high quality software so hotels can provide a high quality guest experience. Along the way, we’ve created a strong team culture that exceeds workplace expectations.

Atomize was founded 2016 and is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Atomize is an innovative and ambitious Revenue Management Software (RMS) provider for hoteliers and travel providers who want to do more with less. Atomize core focus lies in maximizing revenues and profitability for hotels, by automatically setting optimal rates for hotel rooms.

Atomize has quickly become a well-known RMS provider with a global footprint of customers in +40 countries, in the wide range from 40 to 1250 rooms.

By harnessing the power of big data, Atomize provides a basis that proves technology and machine-learning is a better way to achieve an edge, with its sophisticated lean revenue management software.

During 2019 Atomize was the first RMS to solve real-time price optimization which opens up huge possibilities for our customers to gain a competitive edge in their respective markets.

During 2020, Atomize has gained traction among the multi-property segment, the Atomize product offering translates well to hotel groups’ new reality with fewer staff resources and the increased need for automation and enhanced profit margins. Atomize RMS shows that a modern sophisticated tech solution for bigger operations doesn’t have to be complex and expensive to operate.

After only 2 years in the market, our Revenue Management System was top rated on Hoteltechreport.com by hoteliers.

Atomize RMS -employees
Atomize employees

The Atomize Founder story

Prior to starting Atomize the founder, Leif Jägerbrand ran an adtech company which never lost a single optimization benchmark, not even to Google’s platform and it was ranked no. 1 in the world in the adtech field.

Coming from an industry where everything was 100% automated, the founder Leif Jägerbrand decided to enter the hotel tech space by creating a hotel revenue management system worthy of the 21st century.

Given the track record within adtech and the similarity between optimizing display ads and hotel room rates, Leif was confident about starting Atomize in 2016.

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Atomize employees

An all inclusive team

We’re passionate about people. It’s what helps us create great software for our customers and what helps us work so well together as a team.

Gothenburg (Atomize HQ)

Alexander Edström

Switchboard:  +46 (0) 11 4000 400


Tawana Muratu
+27 67 036 7637


Philip Niemann
+351 913 698 678


Marco Kleiner
+49 151 56110731


Michael McCartan
+44 7557968806

Paris & Barcelona

Juan Pinargote
+33 7 69 07 46 35


Stefnir Agnarsson
+354 616 0500

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