Atomize accelerates growth in the Middle East 

Hotels embrace lean revenue management to outperform the market

  DUBAI, UAE – 20 April 2022   The lean Revenue Management Software (RMS) provider, Atomize, witnesses exceptional demand in the Middle East as hoteliers look to boost their revenues and grow their market share as part of the industry’s post-pandemic recovery. Just in the last three months, Atomize has expanded its Middle East footprint with the addition of three prominent hotel groups. Earlier this month, the 270-room Gulf Court Hotel Business Bay became the first of seven Gulf Court Hotel properties to choose Atomize, with the ambition to do a full roll-out planned across the group’s portfolio. This follows the announcement by Dubai-based SUHA Hospitality in March to deploy Atomize in all four of its luxury hotel apartment properties in Dubai, with several more in the pipeline. Earlier in the year, JA Resorts & Hotels appointed Atomize as its exclusive revenue management software partner for its 10 luxury properties representing 1,500 rooms in Dubai, Maldives and Seychelles.
“We are delighted with the exceptional response we have received to our market entry here in the Middle East and are grateful to have had the opportunity to welcome many fantastic hotel partners across the region,” said Atomize CEO Alexander Edström. 
“At Atomize we help hoteliers boost their revenues and maximize their profitability by automatically setting optimal rates for hotel rooms through our lean RMS solution that’s sophisticated, yet very easy to use.”
  The need for an automated revenue management tool that supports reliable, real-time price optimization, yet doesn’t require hours of training to use, has been among the key criteria for the selection of Atomize by hotel partners in the Middle East. Commenting on the partnership with Atomize, Rochelle Castillejos, Group Director of Revenue, Distribution & Optimization at Gulf Hotels Group, said;
“In a fast-paced market like Dubai it is essential to use an RMS that supports real-time price optimization. In Atomize we have a revenue management tool that we trust to make these data-driven decisions for us and increase our revenues and operational efficiency at the same time.”
Echoing this sentiment, Kamal S. Lohar, Cluster Director of Finance at SUHA Hospitality said;
 “In a dynamic market like Dubai there is simply too much data to process manually to ensure that our hotels are optimally priced at all times. Atomize helps us detect subtle changes in demand and adjusts our rates accordingly, thus capturing greater revenues and providing us with more time to invest in strategic analysis and planning.”
  Hotels are increasingly asked to do more with less, they need to protect their cost base while maximizing their revenue potential. This is not an easy feat given that the hospitality industry, like many others, is facing understaffing issues, especially post-pandemic. On the bright side, revenue management is one of the key hotel functions that can benefit significantly from automation.  
“Atomize supports the principle of lean revenue management by allowing hotels to automate the repetitive and tedious task of price setting and enables hoteliers to improve their Revenue per Available Room (RevPar) and Revenue Generation Index (RGI) considerably. On average, our hotel partners realize an uptick in RevPAR Index (RGI), many by more than 10% in the first quarter.” said Michael McCartan, Chief Growth Officer  at Atomize.
  Another key consideration for hotel partners in the Middle East in choosing an RMS provider is the integration with their existing hotel tech stack, most notably the Property Management System (PMS). Atomize has a seamless two-way integration with the leading PMS providers in the region including Opera, Hoteltime and Protel, to deliver responsive and reliable results. Launched in 2017 in Sweden, Atomize has quickly become a well-known, next-generation RMS provider with a global footprint of customers in over 40 countries. In the last few years, Atomize has gained strong traction in the multi-property segment, as is evident from the company’s recent signings in the Middle East, with hotel groups increasingly looking for automation and enhanced profit margins. Learn more about Atomize progress in the Middle East >


About Atomize Headquartered in Sweden, Atomize helps hotels around the globe maximize their revenue by automatically setting the optimal price per room type. Atomize offers a Lean Revenue Management Software built for hoteliers that want to do more with less. Used in more than 50 countries across five continents, by properties in the range of 50 to 1,250 rooms.  In 2019, Atomize was the first RMS to solve real-time price optimization, which opens up incredible possibilities for our customers to gain a competitive edge in their respective markets. The Atomize product offering fits well with hotels and hotel groups that are facing a new reality of fewer staff resources and the increased need for automation and enhanced profit margins. Atomize RMS shows that a modern sophisticated tech solution for bigger operations doesn’t have to be complex and expensive to operate. After only two years in the market, Atomize RMS was top rated by hoteliers on To learn more about Atomize, visit or follow us at @Atomize  

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