Atomize recruits a Business Development Manager for the expansion in the French- and Spanish speaking markets

Alexandra Fjällman

Atomize recruits Juan Pinargote as a Manager of Business Development for Spain and France.

A vital role for the continuous growth in Europe and for Atomize expansion to become the world leader in Automatic Revenue Management.

Juan has a Master in International Business Development and has been working in the hospitality-sector, latest as a Reception Manager for an independent hotel in Paris. Juan truly knows the daily challenges for a hotelier and believes that automatic pricing will completely change the revenue management field in the coming years.


Could you please briefly tell us about your background?

Juan: I am originally from Ecuador and I moved to France a couple of years ago to do an internship in language assistance for international trade courses. I recently finished my Master in International Business Development and alongside my studies I have been working as a Reception Manager for a hotel in Paris. I´m very familiar with the hotel environment and the daily challenges they face and now I truly look forward to combining my working experience and theoretical knowledge in my role as a Business Development Manager for Atomize and support the growth in my region.

What will your main responsibilities be at Atomize and how will you execute those actions?

Juan: My main responsibilities will be to represent Atomize and support the growth of the company with local presence in the French and Spanish speaking markets. May main focus will be to present and educate the market on how Atomize Revenue Management solutions can bring value for the hoteliers, it is of big interest to have accurate data in time, especially now when we witness dramatic shifts in demand in many markets.

Karim Parto, Head of Sales at Atomize, express his view;

“Juan will play a key role in Atomize growth in especially France and Spain. I am very happy having him joining the team at a very exciting point in time in the Atomize expansion”.

Karim Parto, Head of Sales


What values do you believe that Atomize provides to the hotel industry in your markets and how will Atomize disrupt the hospitality tech industry in France and Spain?

Juan: I believe Atomize will continue to make a huge impact on the hotel industry. Ease of use, automation, real time pricing is opening up new possibilities for hoteliers to gain more revenue opportunities and save a tremendous amount of time, shifting from manual to automatic price setting. This is just a few of the factors that make Atomize RMS stand out and that is going to completely change how revenue management is done in France and Spain and all the rest of the world.


Please share some personal trait that no one else knows about you:

Juan: I am a very adventurous person who loves new challenges. Presenting in public and motivating people to always making steps forward is what really motivates me. I believe in a world where our minds can always find a way to improve things and to develop. This belief is also at the core of Atomize culture and that is one of the main reasons why I´m very excited about joining the company.


Do you want to schedule your meeting in Spanish or French? 

Business Manager Spain and France, Atomize


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