Atomize, the world-leading automatic revenue optimization software for hotels, strikes a deal with AVIS Iceland.

Revenue Management Software Integration for the car-rental space

Last year, Atomize opened up the door for a faster expansion by making their own world-class Open two-way API accessible on the market. It was an important strategic step to make automatic pricing more accessible to a wider market, not only towards Atomize main vertical, hotels, but also to enable to home in on opportunities in new industries. Now Atomize strikes a deal with the car rental company AVIS in Iceland, enabling real-time dynamic pricing for its car fleet.

As many other industries, the travel and tourism industry are going through a transformation where intelligent data-driven, cloud-based solutions emerge and become easily accessible. With that foundation, Atomize is committed to drive the development for pricing intelligence and today Atomize announce that the well-known car rental supplier AVIS Iceland have decided to integrate with Atomize RMS through Atomize open two-way API.

“In essence, the problem Atomize solves is to automate and optimize the price for perishable goods or services. Consequently, that problem exists in many other industries beyond just the hotel industry.” – says CEO of Atomize, Alexander Edström.

Just like airlines or hospitality companies, car rental suppliers also need highly dynamic rates to maximize yield and adapt their pricing to the rapid changes in supply and market demand.

The use of dynamic rates is not new in the car rental space, but the possibility to use highly frequent and real-time dynamic rate changes per car model definitely is a new opportunity. Based on Atomize self-learning price algorithm that automatically optimize and adjust rates, 365 days into the future – AVIS is in a much better position to compete in their market.

“The car rental technology has for a long time been lagging behind other travel industries. By adopting Atomize we will be able to better optimize our resources, reduce manual analyses and overall reduce our risk profile.”  – says Stefnir Agnarsson, Chief Financial Officer at AVIS Iceland.

Atomize API is accessible through, a platform for Open API design and implementation. Atomize opens up for all PMS’s that do not already have a connection to Atomize to apply for an integration.

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AVIS Iceland

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Stefnir Agnarsson, Chief Financial Officer at AVIS/Budget Iceland

[email protected]

 About Atomize

Atomize is a rising star within the field of Revenue Management. Headquartered in Sweden, Atomize helps hotels around the globe to maximize their revenue, by automatically set the optimal price, down to per room type. Based on the latest innovation in revenue optimization, Atomize Revenue Management System transforms your data into revenue by delivering optimal prices in real-time, 365 days into the future.

 Atomize is used in more than 50 countries, across five continents, by hotel properties in the wide range from 100 to 1250 rooms. Atomize is set to be the world leader in Automatic Revenue Management.

Atomize is known as an innovator and maverick in the revenue management software category. During 2019 Atomize was the first RMS to solve real-time price optimization which opens up huge possibilities for our customers to gain a competitive edge in their respective markets.

Contact details

Alexander Edström, CEO Atomize

[email protected]

+46 705 337 100-

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