Photographs & Memories – Peter Gerstle – Growing up as a transatlantic kid

Our next guest was inspired as a kid by his relatives in Switzerland working in hospitality, where on becoming an…

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5 top things to consider when investing in a revenue management solution

Top 5 things to consider when investing in an RMS

Investing in a revenue management solution (RMS) used to be a complex decision. After all, it forms the backbone of…

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Ronald Homsy

Photographs & Memories – Ronald Homsy – Defining moments building business

A graduate of the Glion Institute of Switzerland, he holds the Glion spirit with pride. Our next memory maker started…

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Atomize pre-IPO presspicture

Atomize raises 3.4 Million Euros in a pre-IPO funding round to revolutionize pricing in the hospitality industry

Atomize, the innovative revenue management software platform announces the completion of a 3.4 Million Euro pre-IPO funding round in order…

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buyer's guide revenue management system

Revenue Management System Buyer’s Guide 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Revenue Management Systems 2022This guide entails all the things you should consider and evaluate before you…

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Steve Dow

Photographs & Memories – Steve Dow – Balancing family life and work travel

Before a career in hotels, our next memory maker started out in engineering on a North Sea oil rig, when…

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hotel tech

Hotel Made in Louise: Navigating the pandemic and recovery with innovative hotel tech

Throughout the pandemic, the Made in Louise hotel in Brussels had one big advantage over many competitors: its advanced tech…

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Duncan Bramwell

Photographs & Memories – Duncan Bramwell: Gaming up to be the best hotelier

Son of a hotel inspector, our next Memory Maker was dragged around presidential suites, chauffeured by limousine as a child…

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Hospitality Innovators signs exclusive vendor agreement with Atomize as their selected RMS partner

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN – June 29, 2021 Hospitality Innovators Inc (HII) named Atomize, the revolutionary and top-rated Revenue Management Software (RMS)…

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Case study: How Yasuragi increased its RGI by 47,3 % during the pandemic

An amazing customer story from the iconic hotel Yasuragi - Japanese Spa- and Conference Hotel in Sweden, part of Nordic Hotels & Resorts 🏨⛩️…

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