Case Study: A New Era Of Hospitality In South Africa -Inside Totalstay’s Success With Atomize RMS

The hospitality industry is no stranger to disruption, and in the wake of recent global events, adaptability has become paramount for survival and success. Totalstay™, a prominent player in the hospitality sector, found itself faced with unprecedented operational challenges. However, by embracing Atomize RMS, Totalstay™ embarked on a transformative journey that reshaped their revenue management landscape.

This case study illuminates the pivotal role of Atomize RMS in Totalstay™’s evolution, shedding light on the transition from manual, labor-intensive processes to an automated, data-driven approach. With the first properties going live with Atomize in October 2023, the immediate and impressive results underscored the efficacy of Atomize’s solution, affirming Totalstay™’s decision to embrace innovative technology in navigating the challenges of the modern hospitality landscape.

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