Atomize pricing algorithm
June 4, 2020

How the Atomize pricing algorithm behaves during market deviation

During these difficult times where tourism and travel behavior completely deviate from "the normal", it is a big challenge for…

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real-time pricing

Atomize launches industry-first real time price optimization

Real time price optimization is the future of revenue management, and it’s already here Gothenburg, October 23, 2019 Today Atomize announce…

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Comp set data

Why comp set data is essential in hotel revenue management

Why comp set data is essential in hotel revenue management And why you should use a revenue management software which…

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The Event Calendar – might be the costliest mistake you ever make!

Learn why an event calendar is of little use when setting optimal rates for your hotel rooms and why real-time,…

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Price Sensitivity Chart Dashboard Mobile

Optimal price points by using the Price Sensitivity Chart

Make sure your price points are optimal by using the Price Sensitivity Chart. One graph illustrating the current optimal room…

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