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Understaffing: How your hotel can thrive despite this challenge

The pandemic came and they left. No, we’re not talking about guests. They returned as soon as travel restrictions were lifted.…

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Future-facing demand data: the key to maximizing revenue even in trying times

Which aspects of life and business has the pandemic not impacted? It’s hard to come up with any. Especially when…

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5 top things to consider when investing in a revenue management solution

Top 5 things to consider when investing in an RMS

Investing in a revenue management solution (RMS) used to be a complex decision. After all, it forms the backbone of…

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buyer's guide revenue management system

Revenue Management System Buyer’s Guide 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Revenue Management Systems 2022This guide entails all the things you should consider and evaluate before you…

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hotel tech

Hotel Made in Louise: Navigating the pandemic and recovery with innovative hotel tech

Throughout the pandemic, the Made in Louise hotel in Brussels had one big advantage over many competitors: its advanced tech…

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hotel revenue management

Sophisticated shouldn’t mean complicated: The power of lean revenue management

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a trend in revenue management, called revenue operations (RevOps) which is sweeping over the business…

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pricing automation in revenue managemen

Is automation in revenue management really the answer?

How revenue managers can leverage automation through sophisticated revenue management tools to boost business during the ramp-up. The past year…

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intelligent price automation software

Intelligent Price Automation: A Lesson From Satellite Navigation

The rise of price automation software solves a classic problem. In the mid-noughties, there was a proliferation of cartoons (such…

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Getting ready for returning demand with the right revenue strategy

Getting ready for returning demand with the right revenue strategy

It’s crucial for hotels to capture returning demand and make the most of it when it comes back. In this…

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automation will simplify your revenue strategy

Simplify with Tech – Best Strategy for Revenue Managers 2021

Analytics and automation are nothing new for revenue managers but recent advancements in tech take these areas to new heights. …

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