Dur Hospitality selects Atomize as their revenue management software provider

The reputed Dur Hospitality has chosen Atomize as their revenue management software provider to support their expansion and hotel operations in Saudi Arabia. Dur Hospitality is a leading Saudi hospitality company established in 1976, recognized for its extensive record in managing, developing and operating a wide portfolio of well-known hotel brands and residential compounds across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Their portfolio consists of multiple well-known brands such as Marriott, IHG and Makarem Hotels. 

The first hotel in the group to implement Atomize is Makarem Hotels. Makarem Hotels is a saudi-based hotel group built according to the finest international standards as a brand of the well reputed Dur Hospitality. 

Makarem was looking to move away from a traditional and complex RMS solution and was looking for an easy-to-use RMS but yet with a sophisticated pricing technology that could help them collect and analyze data and make price decisions for them. The market in Makkah is extremely dynamic and changes quickly- which made them realize they needed a system that could respond to market shifts instantly, in real-time to capture more revenue opportunities.

To celebrate out partnership and another important milestone for Atomize expansion in the Middle East, we arranged a signing ceremony at this years ATM in Dubai. 

Signing ceremony at ATM in Dubai 2023. From left; Alexander Edström, CEO at Atomize, Hassan Ahdab, President of Hotels Operations at Dur Hospitality, Marco Kleiner, VP of Sales at Atomize and Adam Salem, Commercial and Digital Director at Dur Hospitality

To get more insights behind the partnership with Dur Hospitality and their decision to go with Atomize – watch this recorded interview from The Arabian Travel Market in Dubai, May 2023.

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