End-of-year reflections and exciting news of what to come

Dear all,

As the year comes to an end, it is appropriate for some reflections. During the year we have witnessed solid recovery across most markets, with some markets and hotels even having their best year ever.

For Atomize it has also been an astonishing year of growth. We have more than doubled our worldwide client base and currently close to 70% of our client portfolio is running on 100% price automation (autopilot). To prepare for continued growth and expansion, we have just moved into brand-new and bigger headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden.

As the CEO of Atomize, I have witnessed firsthand the recent developments in revenue management technology within the hotel industry. In the past few years, there has been a huge shift towards more advanced, data-driven approaches to pricing and inventory management and Atomize is proud to be leading this effort. We are still the only provider in the world offering real-time price optimization, which utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to adjust prices based on market demand and competitive analysis.

I see no reason for tech adoption to slow down, rather the opposite. Hotels will need to continue to seek cost advantages, increase overall margins, enhance efficiency, and maximize yield as they prepare to navigate through an even more complex, competitive, and dynamic market. We are excited and devoted to making sure that Atomize is at the forefront of the technology development required to support you and your business in this future environment.

Since inception, Atomize has aimed to become the world leader within pricing automation for hotels. Personally, I humbly accept this mission, but I am also entirely devoted to pushing the boundaries of possibility to deliver a world class price automation software solution. My hope and desire is to continue on this journey together with you as our client.

A sneak peek into the next year’s roadmap; there are so many game changing things planned but some amazing features are already set for release at the beginning of the year. I am especially excited about “Restriction Management”, enhanced “Tactical and Strategy Price Controls” and the ability to choose to optimize, as an alternative to RevPAR, for TrevPAR and even Profit – this will be a game changer for sure.

More on all these exciting releases will follow early next year, but I hope this makes you as excited as I am for what the new year will bring.

On behalf of our entire team, I wanted to thank you for your business and for your trust in letting us deliver cutting edge revenue management technology for you.

We wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Alexander Edström

CEO, Atomize

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