Hotel Revenue Management in a Time of Great Change – Changing Markets, Changing Needs, Changing Systems

This whitepaper tells you how revenue management processes have changed because of the pandemic and how technology is supporting these evolving needs.

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The pandemic has impacted every aspect of the hotel industry. Initially hotel operators and revenue managers, those who were not furloughed or permanently let go, scrambled to be good business operators in a time when many conventional rules, processes and assumptions were no longer valid, viable or effective. As they came to understand the much-changed travel environment, revenue management has re-emerged as a strategic discipline, key to a robust recovery.

This white paper evaluates the new priorities, tools and resources of today’s revenue managers in the much-changed hotel operating environment. 

What’s Inside the guide?
  • The growing importance and evolvement of the revenue management role
  • New tools in the revenue manager’s toolkit
  • The lasting effects of the pandemic on hotel revenue management
  • The need for streamlined, “leaner” revenue management processes

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