Join Us in Welcoming Rhiannon Bach to Atomize as Director of Sales

We are thrilled to welcome Rhiannon Bach to the Atomize family as our new Director of Sales for North America. Originally from the United States, Rhiannon has now brought her talents to our shores, backed by an educational background with a Master of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Notre Dame and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Victoria.

Rhiannon comes to us with rich international experience within the hospitality sector, having served in various capacities at hotels, resorts, and casinos where her focus was on driving sales, marketing, and revenue management to new heights. Her career spans work in 8 countries and 4 continents, and we’re excited for her to bring her unique perspective as a seasoned client of revenue management to bear on Atomize’s sales strategies.

Rhiannon has a robust network within the American hotelier community, paired with a deep understanding of the hotel industry. That combined with a keen ability to analyze market trends and competitor activities, will be a strong skills set and beneficial asset for Atomize’s success in the North American market.

As an authority in the hospitality sector with a specialized focus on hotel technology, Rhiannon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Her insights are particularly valuable when it comes to understanding the intricacies of the hotel industry and leveraging technology to enhance operational efficiency and guest satisfaction. The following questions delve into Rhiannon’s perspective on the evolving landscape of the hospitality industry, her approach to building relationships within her network of hoteliers, and her thoughts on how revenue management can adapt to the demands of the digital era;

Beyond her professional acumen, Rhiannon is a person of diverse interests. When she is not strategizing for market penetration or negotiating the next big deal, she loves to travel, to spend quality time with her husband and two children, and to embrace the culture of her new home in Sweden.

Throughout her career, Rhiannon has a storied history of driving international sales and marketing initiatives that significantly boost market presence and brand recognition. Her skill in leveraging data analytics and market research to fine-tune sales tactics is especially noteworthy.

As adept at managing teams as she is at fostering client relationships, Rhiannon has consistently negotiated profitable deals and built high-performance teams. Her remarkable adaptability and innovation have kept the companies she’s worked with at the forefront of competitive success. Rhiannon’s dedication to customer satisfaction and her drive to forge lasting partnerships mirror our core values at Atomize;

  • Considering your network of hoteliers in the USA, what strategies do you propose for Atomize to strengthen its footprint in the North American market?

The size and diversity of the US hospitality market can make results in a one-size-fits-all strategy pretty underwhelming!  I believe that sales teams – regardless of how small their transactions –  can be more successful when using a relationship-focused approach.  This can mean different things to different people, but the old adage “It’s all about who you know* rings true.  While I’m fortunate to have a strong network of hoteliers in the USA, as a former operator myself, I’m in a great position to already “know” many of the pain points that potential Atomize customers are facing and to be an empathetic and solutions-focused resource for them. 

  • The pandemic forced many Revenue Managers to change jobs as people from the second line stepped in with less experience in revenue management. What do you believe is required now to assist this new generation of RMs?

Today, most revenue managers are not only working in teams that are much more lean, they are also usually working on tasks that fall outside of a traditional revenue manager’s purview.  In order to remain competitive, leveraging solutions that assist with data-heavy administrative tasks will allow these next-generation RMs to focus on the work that is most important to reaching their strategic goals.

  • In what ways do you think the hospitality industry’s approach to pricing and revenue management needs to evolve in the current digital landscape?

I believe that technology will continue to be the main driver in revenue management evolution.  While in the past, reactive and untimely pricing decision changes may have left revenue on the table.  Today the savvy hotel operator can rely on solutions such as Atomize that employ real time data, advanced algorithms and machine learning to optimize prices.  Too great a reliance on historical data, for example, given the ever changing hospitality landscape, leaves hospitality leaders vulnerable to making poor decisions and to falling short of competitors who have already embraced the advantages of technology.

We invite you to extend a warm welcome to Rhiannon as she steps into this pivotal role. We are eager to witness the growth and success she will bring to Atomize.

Welcome aboard, Rhiannon!

If you wish to contact Rhiannon and learn more about Atomize, feel free to reach out:

email: [email protected], phone: +46 702 73 40 77

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