Letter from the Atomize CEO – Alexander Edström

As we are coming to an end of 2021, it is time to reflect upon the year that has passed. It has truly been a challenging year for our industry, although we are in a much better position now than when it started. There are encouraging signs that the worst is behind us now, even though the current rise of Omicron has shown us that we cannot take that for granted.

Technological progress and adoption for automation have propelled during the year. In that light the industry has already taken, but will need to continue to take, a huge technological leap to bridge the fact of being understaffed, control gross margins, and in parallel to become more responsive to the rapid and unpredictable market landscape hotels operate in. Here I very much like the phrase “the need to do more with less”.

The necessity for hotels to invest and transform from adopting the technology offering has never been greater. We have gone from an educational state for automation to where hotels now to a greater degree proactively asking for “how can you help us to automate our operation?”.

In a couple of years from now, when looking back at this era, I am sure we will see what we are now experiencing as the “start of the digital revolution” for this industry. At the same time, by looking at statistics, I realize that we are at the very first step on this journey. We have a long way to go as the lion part is still sitting on the sidelines with a legacy tech stack and/or mindset, waiting for things to return to how things were. We must educate our peers, because that results in that we as an industry are better sustainably equipped for what the future is going to be like.

At Atomize we are looking into the year of 2022 with great optimism. We believe that what we offer is very much in line with what the future will require from hotels in terms of automation. We have during the past year seen a big shift among our existing clients to switch on Autopilot for setting rates and the client feedback in doing so confirms our deep belief of that automation is here to stay.

Atomize goes into 2022 with financial strength and the conviction of that we want to offer our clients the very best in what technology has to offer. As such, we are continuing to invest in our product development. Atomize has never intended to be, and will never be, a follower – but rather continuously strive for being perceived as an innovative leader in the Revenue Management space. We have proven that already by still being the only provider in the industry offering real-time price optimization and providing a true device agnostic platform that can operate across any device.

I would like to conclude by thanking and applauding our clients for being brave – because by being an Atomize client, you have already proven that you have a future mindset and made sure not to be left on the sideline.

On behalf of everyone at Atomize, wishing you a healthy holiday and a happy New Year!

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