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Alexandra Fjällman

Manage your properties on the go with Atomize 

Did you know that Atomize RMS is built on a 100% mobile-first design philosophy? It has been in our core since day one in order to suit the need and working behavior of today’s hoteliers.

As we know this also goes hand in hand with the rapidly increasing usage of mobile phones, over 50% of our time spent online is on a mobile device. For that reason we must make sure that the mobile experience is just as simple and seamless as on any other device.

Just as guests today demand mobile experiences and hang out on their smartphones to book their next hotel stay – the same  increasing need of mobile usage goes for people working in the hospitality sector.

Furthermore, mobile apps for the hotels bring in a host of convenience for hotel staff and guests.  It increases staff efficiency by streamlining hotel operations. In addition mobility in the hotel industry is also a great time-saver and it reduces operational costs.

Do we have to give you more reasons why you should only invest in mobile-first software solutions?

The new UI of Atomize 2.0 on a mobile device

Therefore it has also been a ground principle when we developed the new User Interface of Atomize 2.0.

Atomize 2.0 is designed to be easy to understand and interpret, without compromising performance or insights. It incorporates features like “pinch & zoom” to easily drill down on specific KPI:s on a mobile phone.

It must be easy to quickly go into the details, even on a smaller screen like a mobile device. For example to identify the reasoning behind a certain historical price point for a certain room type, you simply just have to “pinch & zoom” to home in on a certain time period of a certain date…down to the single minute if needed.

How cool is that!?

With Atomize you can manage and monitor your pricing on multiple properties from one single platform.  It’s an easy-to-use platform, and fully responsive to work as smooth as possible.

Have a sneak peek of Atomize 2.0 on a mobile phone


Learn more about the new components of Atomize 2.0 >

Mobile-first design in the hotel tech space

From what we experience in the hotel tech space,  it still seems to be quite unique to deliver a fully responsive RMS solution built on a mobile-first design principle.

For Atomize it has always been a hygiene factor and a must-have when you work in a dynamic working environment, like a hotel. Furthermore, modern jobs are also getting more flexible in the aspect from where we physically work. Atomize RMS is in your pocket, on your desktop or Ipad, with you whenever and wherever you need it. 

To make something complex easy to understand 

Simplicity is one of the main advantages of Atomize. You do not have to be a revenue management expert to use and understand our solution. Hoteliers still experience many RMS-solutions on the market, being too complex to operate and understand in order to reach the full potential and benefits from using a RMS. 

Atomize 2.0 – A new era of revenue management 

With the launch of Atomize 2.0 we have never compromised on simplicity. We have created a new and enhanced User Interface, displaying more hotel KPI:s and deeper revenue insights in a very comprehensible way.

Contact us and we will give you an online demo and show you just how easy Atomize 2.0 is to manage on your smartphone.

Learn more about the new components of Atomize 2.0 >

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