Multi-Property BETA Program

Atomize opens up its Multi-Property BETA Program for hotel groups and hotel chains

Alexandra Fjällman

Atomize state its entry to the hotel group segment by launching a Multi-Property BETA Program.

Even though hotel chains are devoting a bigger portion of their budget to technology compared to independent and boutique hotels, independent and boutique hotels have during recent years seen the rise of a delicate smorgasbord of cloud hotel tech vendors to choose from while the number of technology vendors for hotel groups and hotel chains have been kept relatively constant.

Hotel groups have been left with the false belief that because they run a bigger operation, their technology needs to be very comprehensive and therefore expensive to operate. We want to show that by modern sophisticated tech, that does not need to be the case. This should translate well to hotel groups’ new reality, less staff resources calls for higher degree of automation and enhanced profit margins.” – says Alexander Edström, CEO at Atomize.

Atomize, which has been growing rapidly among independent and boutique hotels across the globe, now is determined to make its entry to hotel groups and shake the ground by launching sophisticated Multi-Property support. The Multi-Property view not only provides aggregated KPIs for the entire portfolio, but also enables to create and filter portfolio segments, based on geographical areas and hotel brands, and as such get insights into the certain portfolio segment sorted by a certain KPI. As with everything Atomize builds, also this is 100% device agnostic.

“Regarding the UI design, we have been inspired by the stock market. Your hotels are looked upon in the same way as you would monitor the performance of a portfolio of stocks. We primarily built this for central hotel teams and hotel operators who need to have access and monitor the performance of their entire hotel portfolio and KPIs for certain brand or geography segments, even on their mobile phones.” – Ellen Hartelius, Head of Product Development at Atomize.

As of October 1st, Atomize opens up to apply and the criteria are simple:

  • Hotel groups with 10 to 100 properties
  • Open to give feedback on the continuous development of Multi-property support.

If you are interested and want to know more, submit the form below. 

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