Who do you think is the next Zlatan?

I would think that no one would completely disagree with me saying that there is some work left to be done around the digitalization in the Hospitality industry. Something needs to happen, especially on the infrastructural side, within the Hotel … Read More

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AI – embrace or oppugn?

In my daily work at Atomize, when initially mentioning Artificial Intelligence to hoteliers, it (AI) is many times misunderstood. The reason for this misconception is probably due to the early sci-fi movies portraying the term equivalent to evil robots with … Read More

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How do you measure success?

In the Nordics we have the deep-rooted cultural and societal norms known as the law of jante where society is put ahead of the individual, not boasting about individual accomplishments or being jealous of others. The Swedish concept of leadership … Read More

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