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David Chestler, Podcast

Photographs & Memories – David Chestler: Look Beyond Your Boundaries

Tilda Bringeland

Where you start is not necessarily where you end up. Our Memory Maker began his career in marketing at Burger King before pursuing roles in advertising. It wasn’t long before he was leading the Dot.Com revolution, combining technology and publishing when he entered the travel sector with Utell.

This is when travel truly began for David Chestler; visiting offices around the world meeting kindred spirits from different countries and cultures as CRS and GDS made a place for themselves. He was at the forefront of building content in the booking environment to enhance transactions, and the beginning of video on the web that gave the ability to merchandise hotel products.

In this episode, hospitality and travel’s David Chestler shares his three photographs and a souvenir of the places that have influenced his life.

David Chestler, Souviner

David has a passion for hotel technology which has allowed him to forge a rich career of more than 30 years. His memories include tales of talcum powder, wrestling and royals – both hospitality insiders and crowned princes. 

David shares how he was pushed beyond his boundaries, with travelling abroad acting as a catalyst to open his eyes to the diversity of such a rich and vibrant industry. As he recalls:

We stand on each other’s shoulders and climb to the aspirational top – we help each other.”

David is currently Partner and Senior Managing Director at PROVision Partners. He has held senior management positions at Kognitiv, SiteMinder, Sceptre Hospitality Resources (SHR), RateGain, Pegasus Solutions and Birch Street Systems and most recently served as an Allied Board Member at Hedna.org and with HTNG on the Software Resource Team.


Our Memory Makers choose three photographs and a treasured souvenir of places or people from their travels. The four represent moments of particular importance to them, whether personally or professionally. They take us on a journey, reflecting on the significance of a specific moment in time, the sentiment of the period, and what was going on in the world around us. 

Produced by Travel Market Life, a Haynes MarComs series. Hosted and sponsored by Atomize. 

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