Photographs & Memories – Michael Frenkel – Between disruption and rootedness

Our next guest Michael Frenkel was mesmerised by the hotel sector while working as a public affairs political consultant working in Hawaii for a non-profit organisation. He soon became immersed in the travel and hospitality sector – setting up his own specialist industry PR agency 20 years ago. In this episode, our memory maker speaks fondly of family road trips as a kid, his first international travel, and his love for the familiar.

Michael Frenkel has worked for and supported diverse travel and hospitality enterprises such as Howard Johnson International, Days Inn, Preferred Hotels & Resorts, and Thayer Ventures, and is currently Entrepreneur in Residence at the Pillsbury Institute for Hospitality Entrepreneurship at the Cornell Hotel School. He shares his memories of pre-travel planning before the internet, his first visit to Asia where he discovered the huge cultural differences. He speaks openly about the pull and tug between travel disruption and rootedness:

“You need to remove preconceptions, see the world fresh, have an open mind in a very board way and experience things that change your perspective and keep it constantly changing.”


Listen in as he tells us of the time that he sat in Winston Churchill’s war time chair.


Our Memory Makers choose three photographs and a treasured souvenir of places or people from their travels. The four represent moments of particular importance to them, whether personally or professionally. They take us on a journey, reflecting on the significance of a specific moment in time, the sentiment of the period, and what was going on in the world around us. 

Produced by Travel Market Life, a Haynes MarComs series. Hosted and sponsored by Atomize. 

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