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Ronald Homsy

Photographs & Memories – Ronald Homsy – Defining moments building business

Alexandra Fjällman

A graduate of the Glion Institute of Switzerland, he holds the Glion spirit with pride. Our next memory maker started life, following a two-year stint with Accor, as a young entrepreneur forming Forte Holding before co-founding the Utopian Hotel Collection. He grew up in Beirut, studied in Switzerland and lives in London. 

Ronald is a successful entrepreneur and business consultant in the hospitality, leisure and travel technology space. In his earlier career, Ronald founded Forte Holding, an 800 employee-strong, hospitality management and consulting company, where he held the position of CEO for 15 years. Ronald is currently a board member of the Alumni Association of Glion. 

Listen to Ronald Homsy’s hilarious experience of staying with an Airbnb landlord who disappeared for 48 hours and the moments that he has had a profound reflection on his life.


Our Memory Makers choose three photographs and a treasured souvenir of places or people from their travels. The four represent moments of particular importance to them, whether personally or professionally. They take us on a journey, reflecting on the significance of a specific moment in time, the sentiment of the period, and what was going on in the world around us. 

Produced by Travel Market Life, a Haynes MarComs series. Hosted and sponsored by Atomize. 

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