Criterion Hospitality chooses Atomize RMS to automate pricing

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Atomize, the global innovative revenue management software (RMS) has been selected by Criterion Hospitality to support their Commercial Strategy in the UK. 

Criterion Hospitality is a management company in the UK and owns several hotels in some of London’s most iconic locations, such as Zedwell Piccadilly Circus, Assembly Convent Garden and Victory House in Leicester Square.

Criterion Hospitality operates over 1000 rooms currently with an additional 2000 under construction or in planning, and has an ambitious expansion plan for the coming years.

Implementing Atomize is an important piece in building a modern tech stack that supports Criterion’s growth journey ahead. The ambition is to operate a fully integrated tech stack, using the best technology to offer a smooth and personalised service for their guests and at the same time support a lean operation.

Atomize is part of this tech stack and with its automated rate updates that are based on the latest market demand shifts, the properties can be more proactive in their pricing and capture more bookings with the right rates and offers.

Assembly Covent Garden and Victory House went live in Q1 of 2023 and In the coming months the remaining properties will be deploying Atomize, providing the entire portfolio with real-time price automation.

”It just works! Atomize has already proven itself to be a powerful RMS solution that provides a strong combination of artificial intelligence and pricing control mechanisms which from day one started to save our team a vast amount of time. In a competitive market like London, to use a powerful RMS like Atomize with realtime price optimization enables us to instantly respond to demand shifts and allows us to benefit from those demand surges,” says Regis Morin, Commercial Director at Criterion Hospitality.

The access to future demand insights in combination with real-time price automation, resulting in precise and just in time pricing – were some of the key criteria for their decision. Criterion Hospitality utilises a very powerful combination of Atomize and OTA Insights comprehensive product portfolios.  This includes Revenue Insight, Market Insight and Rate Insight – providing Atomize with advanced comp set data, from OTAs and as well as future market demand data to optimise prices up to 730 days into the future in real time. 

“We are thrilled to work with one of London’s most reputable and forward thinking hospitality companies. It’s clear that Criterion Hospitality are looking for innovative solutions that can help them grow and improve the efficiency of their operation. We are happy to be part of their growth journey and are looking forward to supporting Criterion Hospitality Group’s expansion with our cutting-edge RMS, says Alexander Edström, CEO at Atomize.


About Criterion Hospitality

Criterion Hospitality is a hospitality management company, operating a combination of properties in central London. Criterion Hospitality is part of Criterion Capital, one of London’s most influential asset management companies and are joined with The Aziz Foundation: a grant-making foundation supporting disadvantaged people and communities around Britain. All of which created and led by the founder, Asif Aziz.

Criterion Hospitality owns and operates commercial properties, hotels as well as residential properties in London. Their portfolio consists of 4 hotels totalling 1,100 rooms and 29 apartments, with an additional 3 hotels under construction, adding 1222 rooms. On the commercial investments, Criterion manages 21 commercial properties; 10 restaurants, 2 globally renowned cinemas, 2 bars, 1 shopping centre, 1 theatre, 1 department store and a world renowned radio station. On the residential side, they operate 1,407 flats across 8 buildings and 4,020 flats in the development pipeline. Criterion Hospitality  is a rapidly growing family with big expansion plans.

About Atomize

Atomize delivers a cloud-based software, “Software as a Service (SaaS)”, in the form of a Revenue Management System to the hotel industry. Atomize software optimizes and automates the pricing of hotel rooms and is a solution that has a growing demand from hotels and hotel groups that experience a reality with less staff and an increased need for automation and improved profit margin.

The Atomize solution demonstrates that a sophisticated SaaS solution does not have to be complex and expensive to manage. Atomize vision is to become the world leader in pricing of perishable goods and services.

Atomize is a Swedish company with its headquarters in Gothenburg and operates on a global market, the software is used in over 50 countries, on 5 continents, by hotels ranging in size from 50 to 1250 rooms.

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