Highway West Vacations: Navigating Success with Atomize RMS across US

  • Company: Highway West Vacations
  • Location: United States
  • Size: 13 resorts with over 1,400 accommodations.
  • Type of property: An array of distinctive hotels, RV parks, glamping sites and marinas across California, Hawaii, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, and New Hampshire.
  • Website: highwaywestvacations.com/

Since its inception in 2013, Highway West Vacations has made a name for itself in the realm of personalized hospitality, offering a suite of unique accommodations across US that cater to the independent traveler. With an array of distinctive hotels, RV parks, glamping sites, marinas, and even historic hotels, they’ve carved out a niche in picturesque locations across California, Hawaii, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, and New Hampshire.

At the heart of this evolution is the integration of Atomize RMS, a decision that has fundamentally reshaped their revenue management. Prior to Atomize, the company’s process was painstakingly manual—consumptive of both time and resources. Cameron Case, the Corporate Director of Revenue Management and Acquisitions at Highway West and the mastermind behind their revenue strategy, recalls the era of manual oversight, “Each day began with a deep dive into spreadsheets, rate comparisons, and inventory management, demanding at least an hour of meticulous attention.”

Transforming Revenue Management with Atomize

The implementation of Atomize RMS’s autopilot feature has not only saved time but also infused a new level of accuracy and efficiency into Highway West’s pricing strategy. The system’s intelligent algorithms take into account a range of factors to dynamically adjust prices, ensuring the company remains competitive and maximizes revenue potential.

This balance of automation with human expertise allows for the nuanced adjustments needed in a varied portfolio like Highway West’s. With different accommodation types and guest preferences, the ability to fine-tune pricing while relying on Atomize’s automation provides a tailored approach that aligns with their distinct market segments.

The RMS’s ability to automate prices, while still allowing for human oversight, has been instrumental in their operational efficiency. 

Mr. Case explains;

“With Atomize’s autopilot, we’ve been able to save on average 20 hours per month per property. It’s like having a digital assistant who never sleeps, constantly monitoring and adjusting rates for all of our properties within the parameters we set.”

This balance between automation and human expertise is particularly evident in how they manage seasonal pricing structures. Mr. Case highlights the benefits;

 “Atomize doesn’t just take the wheel; it allows us to map out the journey through our seasonal price structures, ensuring our pricing strategy remains both competitive and profitable throughout the year.”

The introduction of Atomize RMS has not only enhanced efficiency but also allowed the team at Highway West to refocus their efforts on other areas of the business that benefit from a personal touch. 

“The time we save each day is now directed towards enhancing guest experience and exploring new market opportunities,” says Mr. Case.

Maximizing Efficiency in Post-Pandemic Hospitality

The shift towards a more automated revenue management system was timely, coinciding with the pandemic-induced demand for outdoor accommodations. Atomize RMS enabled Highway West to swiftly adjust to the influx of interest in their RV and glamping sites — a demand spike referred to by Mr. Case as the “COVID bump.”

The agility afforded by Atomize’s technology has been instrumental in navigating the post-pandemic recovery phase, allowing for rapid response to market changes and traveler behavior trends. This responsive approach has been essential in maintaining optimal occupancy and profitability during uncertain times.

Exemplary Support and Seamless Implementation

The transition to Atomize was made smoother by the exceptional support from their team. Mr. Case speaks highly of the partnership;

“The support and implementation from the Atomize support team were nothing short of excellent. Their expertise not only made the transition seamless but also ensured we could leverage the full potential of the RMS from day one.”

Embracing Future Technological Innovations from Atomize

Looking forward, Highway West Vacations is poised to adopt additional technological advancements that complement their use of Atomize RMS. 

Cameron looks forward to trialling the upcoming forecasting module from Atomize and expects that will be a very valuable add-on for them to refine their revenue management strategies. This tool will provide precise demand forecasts and enhanced pricing tactics, enabling informed decision-making and better alignment of marketing and budgeting with revenue goals. Cameron Case of Highway West Vacations expects this implementation to significantly contribute to the company’s profitability and market competitiveness.


The story of Highway West Vacations is one of foresight and adaptability. By embracing Atomize RMS, they have significantly improved their operational efficiency, saving precious hours while maximizing revenue potential. With the continued support of Atomize, Highway West Vacations is poised for future growth and is ready to meet the evolving demands of the hospitality industry.

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