Mollie’s partners with Atomize to ensure optimized pricing in line with ‘budget-luxe’ brand promise

  • Company: Mollies
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Type of property: Motel-diners
  • Properties/Rooms: 3 properties/379 rooms

Mollie’s, the Soho House-designed motel and diner concept from the UK, recently implemented Atomize as their Revenue Management System (RMS). The innovative brand aims to transform affordable travel with its fun ‘budget-luxe’ offering at reasonable prices. Mollie’s will leverage their cutting-edge RMS to optimize revenue generation in line with this brand promise. 

Since the first Mollie’s Motel & Diner opened its doors in Oxfordshire, the goal at Mollie’s has been to provide guests with an effortless, enjoyable, digital-led experience. To this end, the brand has implemented a fully integrated tech stack using the latest solutions to offer a smooth stay, personalized service and support its lean operations. Atomize is now part of this tech stack and supports Mollie’s with automated rate updates that are based on the latest developments and demand shifts in the market.

“Using Atomize allows us to keep our senior team lean, agile and focused on guest engagement. Our General Managers use Atomize daily to evaluate our properties’ current performance and to check for demand shifts that bring us new opportunities to optimize our rates. The system’s automatic real-time price suggestions and rate updates save the GMs valuable time they can spend on engaging with guests or handling other important day-to-day tasks,” says Darren Sweetland, CEO at Mollie’s.

Since both Mollie’s Oxfordshire and Mollie’s Bristol launched during an uncertain time of ever-changing travel restrictions and unpredictable demand shifts, the team had to think carefully about how to shape and implement their pricing strategy. Atomize’s ability to analyze and execute on vast amounts of live demand and competitor data and its use of machine learning to suggest optimized rates have given these two young properties an edge even during this volatile period. It will also allow them to stay ahead of their competition in the future by supplying the forward-looking demand data needed for well-informed strategic and tactical pricing decisions. 

“At Mollie’s, we promise our guests our signature ‘budget-luxe’ stay experience. This means we always want to keep our rates within a certain range, even if market demand may allow us to push them up. We’ve been able to set up the Atomize RMS in a way that it automatically suggests prices in line with both our brand promise and our business interests. Having this reliable system in place has been a valuable bonus while establishing our properties and the business reputation in the respective markets,” says Sweetland.

Given the success of Mollie’s reinvented roadside pitstops in Oxfordshire and Bristol, there are plans to launch ten more sites around the UK. The next upcoming opening in Manchester will be Mollie’s first city center site and its next step of its innovative growth journey. 

“We are thrilled to have an exciting new company like Mollie’s on board here at Atomize. They’re a fun and innovative brand with an attractive offering which is sure to draw today’s travelers who are looking for good deals as well as tech-led service and those little touches of luxury. We’re happy to be part of their growth journey from early on and are looking forward to supporting Mollie’s expansion with our cutting-edge RMS,” says Alexander Edström, CEO at Atomize.

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