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Ready for recovery? The Ultimate Hotel Revenue Optimization Guide

Alexandra Fjällman

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One thing is clear: hotel markets around the world have been hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak. But with more and more countries getting a grip on the situation, hotel market recovery is finally appearing on the horizon and revenue optimization has never been more important.

What we knew yesterday is no longer applicable today

What we knew yesterday, is no longer applicable today. Keeping an eye on current revenue management trends has never been as important as now. By adopting the latest practices and increasing the incremental revenue per guest, you can get ahead of your competition and make the most even of challenging situations. The best way to do this is to rely on the support of modern technologies to optimize your rates and revenue in the uncertain times hotels face today. 

To help you better navigate the recovery period and make the most of it at your hotel, we’ve put together this post-crisis revenue optimization guide. 


The guide covers

  • An overview of what we know of the changing hotel landscape
  • Revenue management trends and optimization tips for market recovery
  • An outline of which revenue management software you can use to support your strategy
  • Tips on making the most of upselling post-crisis and in the future

Today, markets are completely unpredictable, and we can’t say exactly how and when demand will pick up again. Using a data-driven, automated RMS will save you time on market research, make you more flexible in terms of adapting rates in dynamic markets and give you a competitive edge. With more time on your hands, you can focus on the strategic side of revenue management. This allows you to confidently make well-informed forward-looking decisions instead of focusing on quick wins that could cost you dearly further down the road (we’re thinking of drastic, untargeted rate cuts, for example).


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Revenue Optimization Software Guide

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