Atomize and RMS Cloud join forces in complete 2-Way Integration Endeavor

Gothenburg, August 17, 2023

Atomize has finalized the 2-way integration with the property management system RMS Cloud which means hotels using RMS Cloud can now sign up with Atomize revenue management software and enjoy the benefits of price automation to increase operational efficiency and improve revenues. 

Atomize has finalized the 2-way integration with the prominent property management system RMS Cloud. Through this new integration Atomize continues its global growth trajectory and is now available for an additional 7000+ properties across 70 countries running running on RMS Cloud. 

RMS Cloud is a privately owned company with offices in Australia, Asia, Middle East, Germany, UK and North America. They have 40 years global experience global experience from providing the hospitality industry with their enterprise property management software. Their cloud-based software provides real-time functionalities and allows businesses to centralise all operations and streamline efficiencies. In their customer portfolio they operate close to 7000 properties, among them recognized brands such as The Ascott, ALH Hotels and Cheval Collection to name a few.

The integration with Atomize gives RMS Cloud users the opportunity to automate demand modeling and price optimization for their properties, enabling them to do more with less and thereby lowering costs and improving margins.

The full-blown 2-way integration means that the internal PMS data such as room inventory, bookings, pick up pace and occupancy from RMS Cloud will be automatically pushed to Atomize to perform price assessments and calculate the optimal rates for each room type. The new rates will be automatically pushed back and adjusted in RMS Cloud, up to 730 days into the future.

For RMS Cloud users, the benefits of deploying Atomize are:

    • Maximize your revenue with price automation. Atomize offers real-time price optimization and automatically adjusts your rates according to demand shifts in the market. Atomize customer portfolio shows an average RevPAR increase of 15% after 6-12 months.
    • Save hours of valuable time. Atomize will increase your efficiency and save hours of manual work by eliminating any manual tasks related to pricing through automated price optimization and price setting.
    • Stay ahead of your competition with future demand insights. The powerful insights from future demand data, such as flight search volume, search pressure and source market behavior, helps Atomize users detect demand – before it shows on the books and enables the hotel to be more proactive with their pricing to stay ahead of the competition.
    • Keep track of your comp set and market. Your comp set data is incorporated into Atomize. Through a comp set and market analysis, Atomize finds the right balance between your hotels’ performance, the market and your competitor data when setting prices.
    • Sell every room at the optimal price.  Atomize price different room types and room categories dynamically based on actual demand which results in an optimized distribution of your inventory.
    • Increase your market share. Most Atomize customers see an uptick in RevPAR Index (RGI), many by more than 15% in the first quarter.

“Hotels need to streamline their operations and apply key tactics to meet the challenge of shifting demand and staff shortages. In order to do that they need to invest in smart technology to automate processes and to increase efficiency.  That is why we are experiencing an increasing need for solutions like Atomize. We look forward to support RMS Cloud users and make them more successful in their respective markets with the use of Atomize, ” says Alexander Edström, the CEO of Atomize.

We are excited to partner with Atomize and bring a game-changing revenue management solution to our customers,” said Peter Buttigieg, CEO of RMS Cloud. “This integration allows hoteliers to harness the power of intelligent pricing and inventory management, driving their revenue growth and competitiveness.” 




About RMS Cloud PMS

RMS delivers scalable, cloud technology trusted by more than 7000 properties across 70 countries to manage, operate and grow hospitality accommodation businesses. As an innovative market leader for over 39 years, RMS has unparalleled expertise and insight informing the constant evolution of our robust and fully integrated platform. Our comprehensive suite of native features and broadening product offering enables operators to increase revenue, streamline operations and engage and retain loyal customers. RMS’s innovative approach drives our expanding reach into global markets, and our focus on constant improvement and customer experience positions our product as a key partner with properties of all sizes – including groups looking to optimize multi-national enterprises. We are the world’s fastest-growing property management software for a good reason, and our dedicated global teams strive to achieve more for our customers every day.

About Atomize

Atomize delivers a cloud-based software, “Software as a Service (SaaS)”, in the form of a Revenue Management System to the hotel industry. Atomize software optimizes and automates the pricing of hotel rooms and is a solution that has a growing demand from hotels and hotel groups that experience a reality with less staff and an increased need for automation and improved profit margin.

The Atomize solution demonstrates that a sophisticated SaaS solution does not have to be complex and expensive to manage. Atomize vision is to become the world leader in pricing of perishable goods and services.

Atomize is a Swedish company with its headquarters in Gothenburg and operates on a global market, the software is used in over 50 countries, on 5 continents, by hotels ranging in size from 50 to 1250 rooms.

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