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apaleo PMS

Atomize Revenue Management Software (RMS) and apaleo’s open software platform are  currently one of the most innovative and uncomplicated hotel softwares on the market today. Both systems are built on the foundation that smart hotel technology should be easy to understand, access and set up. 

Learn about the integration between apaleo and Atomize RMS, and the benefits of using the two systems in symbios. 

apaleo – freedom to create

apaleo is an open software platform for everyone in the hospitality industry. Every accommodation provider has the power to integrate solutions into an ideal technology stack, including property management and integrated payment services as well as any kind of 3rd party or in-house application. Every tech lover has the foundation to create innovative solutions based on a universal infrastructure. 

Since inception, apaleo has prioritized building open API connections over competing with “all-in-one” providers, who limit innovation through complicated and costly integration practices. This drastic departure from alternative cloud PMS strategies separates apaleo through its ability to offer deeper and more seamless integrations. Remote onboarding, self-service scalability, and no hidden integration fees are just a few of the ways that apaleo boldly stands out.

The key difference behind apaleo’s platform is the API-first development process. This guarantees that every connection on apaleo – every single data point – is able to find, access, and integrate with its lean PMS. This ensures that hotels never face a situation where a connected system can’t make use of every single feature. This new approach is also the reason why apaleo can drop all the frustrating costs traditionally associated with integrations (services, support fees, time spent waiting).

“We always motivate hoteliers to try out new ways of working which is exactly what the open apaleo platform allows to do quickly and at no additional cost,” says Uli Pillau, CEO and cofounder of apaleo.

apaleo is scalable and able to grow with your business because it allows you to take new properties live in minutes and it gives you the freedom to create your dream tech stack and adapt to your guests’ changing expectations with a range of awesome applications that integrate seamlessly. 

Atomize RMS – a next-generation revenue management software

Atomize believes that Revenue Managers are competent and smart people, and their unique competence and valuable time should not be wasted on setting prices – but rather on strategic revenue management. Moreover, to try to set optimal prices manually is not manageable, nor optimal, due to the huge amount of combinations of data sets that need to be analyzed and executed in real time. It is a perfect assignment for a self-learning, real-time automated RMS like Atomize. Especially now, when hotels have been forced to slim down operational capacity due to the impact of COVID-19, increased efficiency through real-time automation while keeping  costs to its minimum is the way to meet the new normal.

“New technology is always exciting, but the reality is that those hotels that do not adapt their cost structures while increasing efficiency unfortunately will perish.”, says Alexander Edström, CEO at Atomize.

The integration between apaleo and Atomize

Atomize commitment to make Revenue Managers lives easier have helped Atomize to quickly gain traction globally.  While some legacy PMS providers have proven to be true growth stoppers due to unavailable, outdated or outrageously expensive API technology, partnering with an open-source solution like apaleo was a natural choice. In addition, since both systems are built on the foundation of accessible data in real-time, the integration between apaleo and Atomize went incredibly smooth. The same goes for apaleo customers that decide to start using Atomize RMS, the on-boarding is very simple and hotels can be activated in a very short period of time. 



The power of using apaleo and Atomize together

During 2019, Atomize was the first RMS to solve real-time price optimization which opens up huge possibilities for hotels to gain a competitive edge in their respective markets. Together with the integration of apaleo, you have the groundbreaking possibility to set Atomize on autopilot and maximize yield from its real-time pricing engine, where optimal room prices will be automatically updated in real time for whatever the reason is. Might be due to a sudden demand burst, a competitor rate change, or other hotel performance KPI that calls for a real time price change. Real time data updates flow freely between the systems without any need to wait for daily or bi-hourly updates. 

The fact is that apaleo offers one of few PMS’s in the world that supports 100% real-time data updates, which means that as soon as something changes, for example new bookings or cancellations occur, apaleo immediately sends that data to Atomize that through its real-time optimization algorithms, calculates the optimal rate and in real time pushes back dynamic prices, per room type, around the clock, for the coming 365 days.

This means that for a typical hotel, using the power duo combination of apaleo and Atomize RMS, has the capacity to change its rates much faster and accurately than its competitors, and sell more rooms at optimal price points. In other words, this tech setup gives you the best of breed in their respective category to outperform your competition.


Benefits of using apaleo and Atomize together

  • Real time pricing – Prices are being automatically optimized in real time, whenever demand changes, 365 days into the future.
  • Save hours of valuable time – through automation and access through any device, Atomize’s sophisticated and easy-to-use hotel revenue management software will increase your efficiency and save hours of manual work.
  • 15-20 % revenue uplift – Atomize customer portfolio shows an average revenue uplift north of 15% after  6-12 months.

If you are curious to find out how much extra revenue Atomize RMS can generate for your hotel – use the Atomize Hotel Revenue Calculator 


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