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The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Revenue Management Software 2020

Alexandra Fjällman

Download the Revenue Management Software Buyer’s Guide

The perfect Buyer’s Guide giving you everything worth knowing about the Revenue Management Software landscape. This guide tells you everything you might want to consider when thinking of investing in a Revenue Management System.

The hospitality industry is going through a transformation and the way hotels do revenue management is changing and the use of automatic revenue management software is becoming more common to help streamlining and maximizing price setting.

The focus of today’s revenue manager is not only to set prices and increase RevPAR but also to optimize the company’s long-term strategy, driving total revenue (TRevPAR) and profitability. Revenue management is taking on greater significance at the core of the hospitality business.Top rated RMS after only one year 

Atomize supports this development with the best possible next-generation revenue management technology available, top rated by hotels after only one year on the market.

The Revenue Management Software Buyer’s Guide content

In this guide we go over the main benefits of using Atomize, a next-generation RMS. We also compare Atomize with some of the biggest Revenue Management Software players in the field and clarify the main differences – both technical and user related advantages with Atomize. 


Price smarter, forecast more accurately and increase your hotel revenue and profits.

Take your hotel’s performance to the next level with Atomize, the next-generation revenue management system.

What’s Inside The Buyer’s Guide

  • Cutting edge trends
  • Business impact
  • Top rated providers & side-by-side comparisons
  • Top questions smart buyers ask vendors
  • Key integrations to drive efficiency
  • Pricing models and budget insights
  • Implementation process and timeline
  • Selected success stories, use cases and articles

Special thanks to HotelTechReport for helping us put together this content to educate hoteliers!

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