Transition from Legacy to Modern Technology – the hoteliers’ guide to a new tech stack

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Changing tech at a hotel, particularly the PMS, is often compared to performing open heart surgery because it’s intrusive, complex, time consuming and requires careful planning. Many hotels have learnt through bitter experience that the risks of deploying new tech often outweigh the benefits, at least initially, and for them the fear of taking on another project is the biggest barrier to them modernising their infrastructure even though the evolving needs of their guests and the market demand it. On the flip side there are hotels who, as a matter of principle, change solutions every few months if they deem their current solutions to be unsuitable and a drag on their commercial performance. So why the difference?

The short answer is that the latter group’s operations are built on a tech ecosystem of modern interconnected solutions that support the addition and removal of individual applications effortlessly and with minimal disruption. This is made possible through their tech providers development and support of open APIs which make software integrations and data sharing much easier. Many more tools are now available and new ones are constantly being released, and since many work on a plug-and-play basis it’s easy to test options to find the best one for their property.

To help guide hotels through the transition from legacy technology to a modern tech stack three leading modern solution providers have collaborated to explain the differences between the ‘new’ and the ‘old’ and highlight what hotels should be expecting from their tech providers.

The white paper examines:

  • Key aspects of hospitality software that need to change
  • Old approaches that software providers must retire
  • Modern approaches that require broad adoption.


For a long time hotel software had the unfortunate reputation for being far behind the times, but over the past few years a tech renaissance has occurred. Hoteliers now have access to a wide range of sophisticated tools to constantly meet guest expectations, improve staff effectiveness and increase revenue and profitability but such success is conditional on the right building blocks being in place. Don’t compromise, put your hotel in the poll position with a modern tech stack.


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