Explore why Atomize promotes user disengagement goals in hospitality innovation.

Our Chief Product Officer, Ellen Hartelius, provides straightforward insights from her career and glimpses of what’s to come in the future.

Why we promote user disengagement

From Healthcare to Hospitality: User-Centric Design in Diverse Environments

Back in 2012, I designed products, not for hospitality, but for hospitals. It’s no secret that creating truly useful and innovative products requires a deep understanding of users and their operating context. “Walking in their shoes” became my approach. Dressed in scrubs, I shadowed nurses in hospital units worldwide. 

What I soon realized during these user studies was that the product we were designing—a communication tool for nurses—needed to be really unobtrusive, super efficient, and easy to use. Ultimately, all that the nurses wanted to do was to spend more time with their patients and less time using technology. Little did I anticipate that I would have the same product goals when designing a product for hotels a decade later.

When I first entered the hospitality industry, I was amazed by the multitude of software solutions many hotels use. It is not uncommon for a hotel to be using 10 or even 50 different tech vendors. This underscores the importance of the efficiency of each software, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations for its users. Specifically in revenue management, I’ve met professionals who spend several hours or even days each week adjusting their prices. Without proper tools, it’s a time-consuming and challenging task. At Atomize, our mission goes beyond revenue optimization as we strive to do all the heavy lifting for revenue managers by automated, data-driven decision-making in real time, ensuring that our clients can take advantage of all changes in the market but also that they can save valuable time.

User-Centric Design for Disengagement: Customization and Boundaries

Many other tech companies measure success in increased user engagement. The more time users spend in your application, the better. At Atomize, on the other hand, we promote user disengagement. This might sound counterintuitive at first, but it aligns with our mission. We champion user disengagement, not as a departure from interaction, but as a means to empower. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate automation into your daily operations, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your guests and your strategic endeavors. Just as the nurses could focus on their patients. 

As Chief Product Officer, I am pleased to see that the majority of our clientele place their confidence in our system, particularly evident in their use of the autopilot functionality. This trend is a testament to the success and efficiency of Atomize. Clients can rely on our system to manage and adjust rates on their behalf, eliminating the need for daily logins and underscoring our system’s reliability and efficiency.

However, understanding that each hotel’s needs are unique, with some requiring more manual intervention, we maintain our dedication to controlled automation while also providing flexibility. Our system allows users to define their strategies and set boundaries, accommodating a wide range of operational requirements. This adaptability ensures our system is not just an automated solution, but a customizable platform that acknowledges the distinct needs of each client.

AI Capabilities: Revolutionizing User Disengagement and Empowerment

Looking ahead, we plan to further invest in the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This ongoing investment aligns with our commitment to user disengagement, aiming to automate more processes and support diverse roles. This effort goes beyond enhancing technology; it is about redefining the relationship between users and our system. We envision AI as a silent, yet indispensable ally in our users’ journey, evolving Atomize into more than a tool – a partner that intuitively understands and fulfills user needs with minimal oversight. This vision aligns perfectly with our philosophy of empowering users through strategic disengagement.

The next few years hold promise, and I look forward to the continued evolution of Atomize’s contributions to the hospitality landscape. 

As a final note, I can assure you that despite future feature increases in Atomize, the time you need to actively spend in our system will always be kept to a minimum!

About the author

Meet Ellen Hartelius, Chief Product Officer at Atomize since 2020. With a master’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering, Ellen kickstarted her career as a user experience designer before transitioning into the realm of product management. Armed with over a decade of experience, she specializes in designing and building user-focused products.

Ellen Hartelius, Product & Design leader at Atomize

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