A New Era of Hospitality in South Africa: Inside Totalstay’s Success with Atomize RMS

  • Company: Totalstay™
  • Location: South Africa, Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Pretoria
  • Size: 13 properties with over 500 rooms.
  • Type of property: Hotel group with a diverse portfolio that encompasses everything from Aparthotels to luxurious villas and luxury suites.
  • Website: https://www.totalstay.co.za/

Totalstay™ is leading the way in transforming the hospitality landscape across South Africa, blending the intimate comfort of home with the luxury of hotel services in both Cape Town and Johannesburg. This unique approach caters to the evolving needs of today’s travelers, offering them an experience of convenience and luxury. The significant role of the Atomize Revenue Management System (RMS) in enhancing Totalstay™’s operational efficiency and guest satisfaction is a testament to the power of innovative technology in the hospitality industry. Natalie Feldwick Davis, Revenue Manager at Totalstay™, shares her experience and the tangible benefits of this strategic partnership.

About Totalstay™

Totalstay™ is committed to providing a groundbreaking travel experience, combining the best aspects of traditional hotel reliability with the personalized touch of private accommodations. Their diverse portfolio across Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Pretoria encompasses everything from Aparthotels to luxurious villas and luxury suites. Managing 13 Aparthotels with almost 500 keys, Totalstay™ is dedicated to ensuring an exceptional stay for every guest in the South African market.

The Totalstay™ Guest Experience

Totalstay™ has set a benchmark for delivering a premium guest experience across all types of accommodations. Guests are treated to 5-star hospitality services, including complimentary WiFi, daily housekeeping, and exclusive welcome packs, making them feel welcome and valued. This unwavering commitment to providing comfort and convenience is what sets Totalstay™ apart.

Transformative Impact of Atomize RMS

The adoption of Atomize RMS has been a pivotal move for Totalstay™, especially in navigating the operational challenges brought about by recent global events. Transitioning from a manual and intensive revenue management process to Atomize’s automated and data-driven system has been revolutionary, allowing for enhanced strategic planning and operational efficiency. Natalie attributes this significant transformation to Atomize, noting the shift towards more strategic and efficient operations. The first properties went live with Atomize in October 2023, and the results were immediate and impressive. This quick realization of benefits further underscored the efficiency and effectiveness of Atomize’s solution, reinforcing the company’s decision to embrace this innovative technology.

Natalie explains:

“The revenue management process has been extremely streamlined since the inception of Atomize RMS, before utilizing Atomize, rate changes were manual and required a large amount of data analysis. Although I believe you can never fully replace the human touch, Atomize has certainly assisted in freeing up many hours which allows more in-depth strategic planning.”

Key Benefits of Atomize RMS: Expanded Insights

Atomize RMS has delivered substantial benefits to Totalstay™, not only in terms of operational efficiency but also in data accuracy and customer service excellence. The price automation provided by Atomize has freed up valuable resources, allowing the Totalstay™ team to focus on strategic growth and enhancing guest experiences.

The data reliability and outstanding customer support from Atomize have been crucial in enabling informed and confident decisions. This has led to remarkable improvements in performance metrics, with properties already seeing up to a +15% increase in Average Daily Rate (ADR) and Revenue Per Available Room (REVPAR) since implementing Atomize.

Natalie highlights the significance of these results, saying:

 „Adopting Atomize has truly changed the way we approach revenue management at Totalstay™. The ability to leverage precise, data-driven insights has not only optimized our operational practices. Still, it has also led to substantial financial growth, with increases in ADR and REVPAR of up to +15% in some properties. This success is a clear indication of Atomize’s impact and our team’s dedication.

Looking Ahead – the future of hospitality in South Africa

As Totalstay™ looks to the future, the emphasis remains on innovation and continuous improvement. The focus is on investing in staff development, leveraging advanced data analytics, and adopting cutting-edge technologies to refine the guest experience further. The exploration of new contactless service options and other technological advancements will continue to drive operational efficiency and meet the changing preferences of guests.

The collaboration between Totalstay™ and Atomize, as detailed by Natalie Feldwick Davis, showcases the dynamic integration of technology and quality hospitality. This partnership not only enhances the guest experience but also emphasizes Totalstay™ as a progressive leader in the South African hospitality industry. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Totalstay™ is poised for ongoing success and expansion in the vibrant South African market.

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