How do you measure success?

In the Nordics we have the deep-rooted cultural and societal norms known as the law of jante where society is put ahead of the individual, not boasting about individual accomplishments or being jealous of others.

The Swedish concept of leadership differs considerably from other European models. Well-aligned with the law of jante, Swedish enterprises are essentially ‘democratic’. There will be fewer layers in a Swedish firm than there would be in i.e France or Germany, and the manager is generally accessible to staff and available for discussion: indeed, there is a Swedish law which stipulates that important decisions must be discussed with all employees before being implemented. This creates a strong collective force once the direction is set. Everyone is included, no one is left behind, no one is taking credit – it is all about ‘the team’s achievements’ rather than ‘single individual accomplishments’.

Consequently; as the Swede I am, you should not be surprised when I say that I am very pleased with how far Atomize have come during such short period of time – and that it all comes down to the team…the collective force…

To me, the ultimate receipt of success is the number of happy clients. Happy clients mean recurring business, which in the end will determine the future success of any business.

Having said that; I am very proud being the CEO of Atomize. Atomize is a Swedish artificial intelligence (AI) tech company with a global mission to help hotel clients to maximize booking revenue by setting the optimized price by deep competence within data-driven machine learning algorithms. Our product is developed by highly experienced, skilled and dedicated engineers – together with great and professional hotel support; we are able to output happy hotel clients and partners as a result.

Please hear what some of our hotel clients have to say about Atomize:

We are looking forward hearing from you, to help your revenue and hotel business grow to the next level.

On behalf of the Atomize crew;

Thank you and a Happy New Year!

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