How it works


Atomize finds growth opportunities in your hotel and predicts what price changes should be done to earn more. Each suggestion can be rejected, revised or accepted by you, the one who knows the big picture of the whole business. Accepted actions will be applied automatically to your PMS and once you trust our price recommendations fully, you can switch on auto-pilot


You analyzed tons of data to make pricing decisions. And you still weren't sure that these decisions were the best ones.
Based on some analytics, gut feeling and by now already old data, you put in a lot of manual job to make changes to your rates.


All decision are prepared for you. Atomize gives you the best possible price suggestions.
Say 'yes' to our price recommendations and with a 'click of a button' they are updated in your PMS.


Historical data and performance

Data such as reservations and group allocations fetched from your PMS to reveal booking pace, cancelation rates, trends and much more.


Atomize continuously monitor your chosen competitors for price and room availability changes.

Search patterns and non-bookings

We analyze data from your web booking engine such as unique searched and non-booking that typically reveal clues for future demand.

Local holidays

Local holidays and typical demand for your country is considered automatically.

Price hierarchy between room types

We price your room types dynamically and independently of each other, but we make sure that we never break any price hierarchy rules that you have.

Effect on adjacent days

When we recommend a price change for a specific date, Atomize does also consider the effect it has on the days before and after.

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"Since we started to use Atomize to set our room pricing we are now able to quickly react to the market and dynamically change guest room prices multiple times per day. Because of this advanced technology we have already realized an increase of 18% in revenue during Q1 in 2019"
Olivia Byrne
Company Director, Eccleston Square Hotel in London