Hospitality Consultants

Elevate your business with Atomize, the premier RMS for the hospitality industry. Partnering with us unlocks a world of marketing perks, empowering you to supercharge client retention. Enjoy benefits such as joint marketing initiatives, an expansive network for increased visibility, and special client discounts. Atomize not only enhances your offerings but also equips your clients with cutting-edge tools to skyrocket their revenue and efficiency.


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"Embarking on the journey with Atomize has revolutionised my consultancy experience infusing it with a perfect blend of precision and innovation. The platform becomes a formidable ally - endowing me with unparalleled efficiency and a user-friendly interface that seamlessly incorporates data analytics. Extracting actionable insights becomes a seamless process facilitating informed decision-making that transcends conventional boundaries. Atomize's emphasis on collaboration provides a fertile ground for agile strategy building allowing me to navigate the ever-evolving landscapes of business with dexterity. The platform's robust features coupled with a steadfast commitment to continuous improvement redefine my consultancy approach magnifying my impact. Atomize doesn't just streamline processes it metamorphoses challenges into opportunities and transforms raw data into a strategic advantage. In the consultancy realm Atomize stands as an indispensable catalyst for excellence propelling both my professional journey and the success of my clients to unprecedented heights."
Nikolas Hall
N.Hall Consulting

Working with Atomize as a Consultant

Enhance your client recommendations and increase your earnings with our rewarding program. Choose between offering your clients a preferential rate or unlocking a referral reward for each successful recommendation. When you refer clients to Atomize, you not only improve their revenue management but also strengthen your overall offering. This collaborative partnership empowers you to maximize the value provided to your clients while enjoying the benefits of our program.

Revenue Management System Atomize Customer

“Atomize has proven themselves to be able to output price recommendations that we highly trust. ”

We are very impressed with what Atomize offers in terms of technical competence, agility, responsiveness, and overall delivery.

Johan Forsberg, Revenue Director, Gothia Towers