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Elevate your business by integrating with Atomize, a cutting-edge RMS solution guaranteed to deliver tangible results for your clients while enhancing customer retention. Partnering with Atomize not only grants you access to exclusive marketing benefits but also provides increased visibility and lead-sharing opportunities. Join forces with Atomize and position your business for unparalleled growth and success.


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Integrity, innovation, customer satisfaction, and a shared commitment to excellence should be the foundation of our partnership. We believe that having similar ICPs that are modern, forward-thinking businesses that are open to embracing new technology is the foundation for mutual success. In our partnerships, we believe that lead sharing plays a vital role. Partner recommendations foster opportunities with a higher conversion rate and less risk for churn.

"Atomize automates optimal pricing for every room type and moment. By connecting Clock's extensive historical data and insightful performance metrics, Atomize transforms your room pricing into your greatest advantage. Our partnership and shared guest-first approach help hotels empower staff and take guest experiences to new heights — with dedicated experts to help your hotel win"
Preslava Ilieva
Business Development Associate
Clock PMS+
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