Atomize will maximize your hotel room revenues with state of the art, data-driven price optimization. Not only do we increase your revenues, but also save you tons of time. We charge a small fee in return, and you keep the rest!

0,5% Of your gross room revenue, monthly*

Experience Next-generation Revenue Optimization

We optimize hotel revenues by automatically recommending the right price at every given moment, for every given channel and every room type through machine learning algorithms. Real-time data from Competitors, Web-searches, Historical is used to continuously analyze and help hotels predict and maximize profits.

Increase Revenues

Atomize clients typically experience 3-7% uplift on their total hotel room revenue. We only charge a 0,5% fee in return. Great deal right?

Save Time

Cut down on manual labor by letting Atomize help you set the correct room prices, at any given moment, allowing you to put your valuable resources elsewhere.

Works on all Devices

Atomize works seamlessly on all devices with a modern design and a single mission: To make life as a Hotelier easier.

No Startup/Integration costs

If integration costs more than software, it is a bug, not a feature. With Atomize you pay as you go, no hidden fees.

Eager to increase your revenues?

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