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Revenue Management Trends 2020

In the current state of the hotel landscape we see new revenue management trends arising. Todays markets are very unpredicted and without relevant precedent data, forecasting and planning is almost impossible.Since several months of low demand has required large staff cuts, many properties have slimmed down to smaller operations. Because of this situation we will most likely see a growing demand for automation and increased efficiency where supportive automated software will play an important role.

First let's start by looking into some basic revenue management trends that will keep on being important to consider during market recovery.

Open pricing

Open pricing allows hotels to choose all types of segments, channels and room types in real-time. This gives a Revenue Manager new and better insights into demand. Rates har no longer adjusted based on single BAR rate, allowing for an open approach to pricing.

Automation and personalization

Based on several data sets, hotels can present rates and packages tailored specifically to each guest that visit their website. Rates and offers are based on an individual's total value, or worth to your hotel.

Autopilot & Real time pricing

Due to the dramatic decline in demand as a direct consequence of the coronavirus, the entire hotel market is forced to make big adjustments to survive and at the same time focus on long term planning to also, prepare for when the market starts to recover.

We have already seen huge layoffs and hotels furloughing most of their entire departments. This is a painful period for everyone and it ́s completely re-writing the global hospitality scene as we know it.

With the new hotel landscape starts to pick back up, forecasting will be almost impossible without any relevant precedent data and we will see a higher demand for supportive, revenue management software supporting real time pricing and autopilot, where the need for human manual application is very low.

The impact of COVID-19 on the hotel landscape

If you want to dig deeper into the impact of COVID-19 on the hotel landscape we have put together educational recorded webinars with the most common advice for hoteliers on how to handle the corona-crisis. 

Here is an comprehensive article where we go deeper into how Atomize deals with the COVID-19 data >


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