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The importance of comp set data in hotel revenue management

What is comp set data?

Comp set information is one of the most important secondary data for a hotel. The primary comp set usually consists of a group of up to 10 hotels which you see as direct competitors to your own property. These are the hotels you think guests compare you against when making a booking.

To determine your primary comp set, you can refer to the ‘4 Ps’: ProductProximityPricing and last but not the least Positioning.

Look at the basics of primary and secondary data and the comp set’s place in the revenue management puzzle.

Winning data

While some voices argue that only primary data should be considered when setting a hotel’s prices, the majority of the hotel industry expert community agrees that in precision price management both primary data and secondary data need to be considered.

Why is competitor data important to consider for hotels?

Using your own data to determine your pricing strategy is a great place to start since every hotel is unique and deserves a tailored approach. These are the four common areas you should look for, in which comp set data plays an important role in revenue management tactics.

  • Understand your relative performance and positioning in the market

  • How the pricing algorithm could behave

  • Understand your price elasticity and create improved pricing strategies

  • Get ahead of your competition

Keeping an eye on your competition and understanding their strategies and performance can help you get ahead of them.

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