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What is a Revenue Management Software?

A Revenue Management Software automates the process of setting the right prices for hotel rooms to maximize revenue and occupancy.

The goal is to sell the right room at the right time for the right price on the right channel. When Atomize RMS recommends prices, it collects historical data and market data and combines this with future demand and trends.

The new way of doing Revenue Management is to let a software prepare your decisions by analyzing data for you. Thanks to digital development and cloud solutions, an RMS like Atomize is accessible whenever or wherever you need it. Atomize platform is a mobile-first design and very easy to use on the fly, on your phone.  Atomize is with you all the time and the only thing you have to do is to click "Accept" and new room-prices are updated instantly in your PMS (Property Management System).

If you want to save more time, you can decide to switch on Autopilot and let the system automatically update your rates 365 days into the future,  without breaking any price hierarchy you might have. With a Revenue Management Software like Atomize you have an intelligent price machine, working for you 24/7, making sure to gain every revenue opportunity possible for every room type.

With the use of Atomize you can expect an average revenue uplift between 8-18 % within 3 months.  

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Revenue Management System Atomize Customer

“Atomize has proven themselves to be able to output price recommendations that we highly trust. ”

We are very impressed with what Atomize offers in terms of technical competence, agility, responsiveness, and overall delivery.

Johan Forsberg, Revenue Director, Gothia Towers

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