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Group Pricing Module

A simpler and more efficient approach to price your group booking requests. Like everything at Atomize, the Group Booking Pricing Module is simple, effective and easy to use.

Let Atomize calculate your Group Booking Requests

A tool that helps Revenue managers to instantly calculate the optimal rate for groups and  make data-driven decisions on which business to accept in the blink of an eye. 
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    One step ahead of the competition

    Since groups often request proposals from multiple hotels, having a tool like Atomize can set you apart from the competition. Not only will you be able to offer a competitive rate in line with the market, but you’ll also send it out before your competitors have even had the time to do their first round of calculations.
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    Save hours of valuable time

    With this information at your fingertips instantly, you will be able to quickly respond to quotes being sure that the price you are suggesting is competitive and will help you to decide which group quotes to prioritize.
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    Maximize revenue from group bookings

    The module will provide you with a clear recommended price for the entire group – a price that according to Atomize’s models will bring the maximum average revenue and will help you to decide which group quotes to prioritize.

Find out more about our latest product updates.

Our latest updates and functionalities on the Group Pricing Module.

The module now also takes commission into account as one of the price optimization parameters. It will also calculate the displaced transient revenue as well as the minimum rate you should accept based on displaced revenue, the commission level and the additional revenue that the group will spend. 

Another addition is the possibility to email yourself the group pricing recommendation with just one click so that you are able to save the recommendation for future reference.

Atomize Special Features

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Group Pricing

Group displacement analysis done in minutes! Our module offers a more efficient way to quote your group booking requests.

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Real-time Pricing

Receive new price recommendations as soon as something happens within your property. Adapt to dynamic, fast-paced markets.

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Multi Property BI & Reporting

Keep track of your KPIs with endless reporting capabilities by using the latest BI technologies.

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Sit back and relax. Switch on Autopilot and let the system automatically update your rates per room type.

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Multi Property Support

Multi-Property Dashboard

The Multi-Property Dashboard will  monitor the performance of your entire hotel portfolio by providing you with aggregated KPIs. Built for Cluster- and Corporate Leaders.  

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Future Demand Insights

Atomize users have access to forward-looking demand data in their dashboard, essential for accurate topline predictions and relevant promotions. 

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