Hear what our customers say

"An innovating program, that helps us to maximize our revenue on a daily basis. Atomize is time efficient (easy and understandable) and cost efficient. All of this with professional support. "
Laurent Méan
General Manager, Getaway.be
"Atomize helps us a great deal by giving us insight in what our ideal pricing is for any time of the year. It keeps in account our competition, local holidays and other factors and eliminates the use of gut feeling when deciding on rates, but is purely data driven. It’s a versatile tool and very helpful with the day to day management of our rates."
Maryn G
Owner, Castillo De Monda
"Teaching Hotel Chateau Bethlehem, as part of Hotel Management School Maastricht, considers Atomize as a ‘next step in hospitality’."
Harpert van Seggelen
General Manager, Teaching Hotel Château Bethlehem
"With Atomize I can finally be without an internet connection for more than two days without worrying. I finally have a partner I can completely trust, and that is remarkable for someone like me. It takes into account all the information I used to use and in seconds it give me the right price."
Fabio Coppola
Chief Visionary Officer, The Yellow Rome