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strategic revenue management meeting

Strategic vs. Tactical Revenue Management – Making the Most of Both

‘How do you report RevPAR?’ Or, ‘Are you using any revenue management software to help you achieve your target RevPAR?’ Hoteliers often…

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benefits of using Atomize Revenue Management

The benefits of a Revenue Management Software in today’s markets

The hotel industry is going through a transformation and the way hotels do revenue management is changing. Therefore the benefits…

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Atomize desktop dashboard

Take the guesswork out of group bookings with Atomize’s Group Booking Pricing Module

The challenges of pricing group booking requests Setting a price for a group requires a completely different approach from calculating…

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The state of the global hospitality industry following COVID-19 and what hoteliers can do now

The state of the global hotel industry following COVID-19 and what hoteliers can do now

In our recent webinar about what hoteliers should and shouldn’t do during the coronavirus outbreak, we shared some of the…

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coronavirus hotelmarket

COVID-19: What hoteliers should (and shouldn’t) do during the coronavirus outbreak

Guidance and advice on what you can do to cushion the blow of COVID-19 in your hotel. The recent spread…

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Luxury holiday park in Norway chooses modern hotel technology

Luxury holiday park in Norway chooses modern hotel technology solutions Gothenburg, January 10, 2020Atomize is proud to announce that the…

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Revenue Manager

What Keeps a Revenue Manager Up at Night?

Revenue management techniques are the playbook that helps hoteliers and a Revenue Manager to achieve the highest profits by identifying…

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Revenue management hotels

Revenue management becomes more strategic and moves to the core of the business

An interview about the changing role of Revenue Management in hotels - with Thibault Catala, Revenue Management consultant from London,…

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Atomize recruits a Sales Manager in Africa and Australia

Atomize recruits Tawana Muratu as a Sales Manager for Africa and Australia. An important role for the continuous growth and…

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Real time price optimization

Why Real Time Price Optimization is a secret weapon for Revenue Managers

Recently Atomize, as the first Revenue Management System in the world, released real time price optimization. What does this mean for…

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