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Head of product at Atomize, Ellen Hartelius

Atomize recruits Head of Product

Atomize recruits Head of product, a key role for the continuous expansion to become the world leader in Automatic Revenue…

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Future of hotel technology

The Hotel Tech Landscape: What Does the Future Hold?

 The Future of Hotel Tech: What Does It Hold? For a long time, hotel tech didn’t give investors much to get…

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real-time pricing

Atomize launches industry-first real time price optimization

Real time price optimization is the future of revenue management, and it’s already here  Gothenburg, October 23, 2019 Today Atomize…

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Ease of use. mobile dashboard Atomize

The Importance of Ease-of-Use in Hotel Technology – What to Look Out for When Choosing Your Tools

How to navigate the hotel technology market It’s truly a good time to be an hotelier. Why? Because these days innovative…

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Gothia Towers

Dedication to Innovation and Optimisation: The Secret of Gothia Towers Ongoing Success

On an early September morning me and Atomize CEO Alexander jumped on the tram from our office location in central…

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Atomize recruits a Business Development Manager for the expansion in the French- and Spanish speaking markets

Atomize recruits Juan Pinargote as a Manager of Business Development for Spain and France. A vital role for the continuous…

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RMS Guide

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Revenue Management Software 2020

Download the Revenue Management Software Buyer's Guide The perfect Buyer's Guide giving you everything worth knowing about the Revenue Management…

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HotelTime integrates with Atomize

HotelTime integrates with Atomize

(Gothenburg, August 22, 2019) HotelTime increase its value proposition by an Atomize RMS Integration Recently Atomize opened up the door…

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Comp set data

Why comp set data is essential in hotel revenue management

Why comp set data is essential in hotel revenue managementAnd why you should use a revenue management software which incorporates…

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The Event Calendar – might be the costliest mistake you ever make!

Learn why an event calendar is of little use when setting optimal rates for your hotel rooms and why real-time,…

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