Who do you think is the next Zlatan?

I would think that no one would completely disagree with me saying that there is some work left to be done around the digitalization in the Hospitality industry. Something needs to happen, especially on the infrastructural side, within the Hotel industry to digitally pick up the pace and evolve like many other industries.

The Hospitality Industry is very fragmented, many times lacking standard and easy API integrations and standard protocols between CMS, PMS and RMS systems etc. – leaving hotels to work in locally isolated silos while feeding the OTA dragons with data; which has become a love/hate relationship in many ways due to high commissions. As can be seen in the matrix below, the Hospitality Industry is the least digitalized industry after Agriculture & Hunting, and Construction…no more words needed to state my point I believe.

For everyone to gain – but how do we as industry stakeholders make the change? What industry stakeholders have the final responsibility for letting the digital evolution to pick up speed? I believe that the responsibility lies with the tech providers in the industry. But someone needs to pick up the stick, be the leader – or as we say in Sweden; be a Zlatan.

Who do you think should be the next Zlatan in the Hospitality Industry?

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